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Chris Quilty, associate VP of products and operations at Quilty Analytics, says the big shift in the industry has been the realization of the ‘production efficiency’ provided by outsourcing.

The simple answer for the A to Z of the season in word, and in life, is ‘change’.
What does this really mean and does it really make a difference?
Well how about a summer of ‘Out of the ordinary’ with the A to Z word for the summer, flying. You may have noticed a number of articles, including THIS one from our friends at The FAA as well as dozens of websites, proclaiming this summer is the ‘summer of the air’, a ‘farewell to a starchy playbook, and hey presto we are going to feel more powerful with all this new wonder on the wing.’
“DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, made a big splash this spring with a contest to design, build and fly a drone that can deliver a lethal missile to a point with precision.”
In the end, we seem to be a bit more than a bit in love with flying and we are ready to invest our money and energy to get more out of flying.
“In the past, we flew things very close to the ground and this was reflected in things like regulations on how close you could fly, required equipment, etc.”
“We tried to invest a bit more money into all aspects of flying as we saw increased costs in flying, and that’s where the drones came in.”

Flying indoors is so much more exciting, and if we like the idea of the ‘work from the sky’ we found some great products already on the market that allow you to fly your new drone anywhere, and do so safely, legally and without impeding any street and traffic.

The drones are great, the technology is something new and fascinating, but the ability to fly anywhere is unique to the past, a totally new air age was born.

Mark Wallace, starting QB for the Denver Broncos, is a player that recently gave us a rousing and deserving quarterback of the week and from what we have seen, he certainly isn’t holding back this year. With the Washington Redskins, he is providing us with a glimpse of who he is as a football player and a person.

Here are our QZ’s for this week’s QZ Mailbag:
QZ Mailbag


A string of economic slowdowns or fast-rising, whiplash-inducing inflation rates in countries including China, Brazil and India are likely to spook investors into making quick-fire changes to a portfolio of securities.
As the nation celebrates both the 90th birthday of its first president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the epicenter of coronavirus-driven economic gloom, the coming months are ripe for new trends in the world of finance to take a bite out of the market momentum.
The separation of markets is widening because traders are getting their data from sources that aren’t the same.
Deutsche Bank BofA Merrill Lynch Research also sees continued risk to the overall market.

US stocks, Asia sink on coronavirus fears

But slower growth in China, something that has historically caused declines in local economies, is also a fear.
Cheditarapatnam, India (CNN Business)
U.S. stocks and Asia’s indexes tumbled Monday, as trade tensions spiked over coronavirus fears and a global stock selloff sent the S&P 500 to its biggest two-day loss in a month.
Deutsche Bank Research, among other industry analysts, saw further pressure in the U.S. markets on Tuesday.
The S&P 500 fell 6.3%, its worst day since the March 12 collapse, but the Dow Jones industrial average fell only 3.6% because of a late rally in Apple.
Asian markets also tumbled on Monday, with Japan’s Nikkei down 7.3%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng losing 5.9%, the Shanghai Composite shedding 5.8% and the KOSPI falling 4.9%.

S&P ends lowest intraday since December 2008

Jenny Su, head of equity research at National Australia Bank, said the market decline had been triggered by the sudden fear of coronavirus.
“It is driven by an unprecedented sense of urgency to accelerate the transition away from the coronavirus,” said Su.
It is unusual for Asia to decline against the backdrop of a global equity selloff, especially with the world’s leading economies still globally integrated, she added.
Hong Kong’s benchmark index lost 5.2%, the biggest drop since the September 2008 financial crisis, led by losses in banking and financial services stocks.
Nissan declined 8.8%, Mitsubishi Motors shed 7.5% and Nomura Holdings shed 6.3%.
On the other side of the