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In most cases you can shuffle the same MP3 music files just as you would with a song-mixing CD.

With the King James’Lot Shuffle application you can randomize the order of multiple MP3 files as well as load and make new playlists. You can also select the output format and choose whether to include the MP3 music metadata such as the artist, the album, the title and even the genre.




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While state parties across the country are fighting for scraps and trying to stay relevant, the Texas Republican Party is a shining star in this race for relevance. Why is that? Because they don’t seem to care.

In 2010, the Texas GOP carried a record number of votes statewide, winning the majority of governorships and legislative seats across the board, including picking up 25 seats in the Texas House of Representatives. In 2012, when Texas GOP Representative Joe Strauss voted to strip $4.5 billion dollars from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he joined the ranks of Republican elected officials across the country who voted to reject health care reform. And on top of all that, the Texas GOP is currently feuding with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, who is refusing to resign over allegations that he broke the law when he resigned from the Senate in 2006 after being named to the Senate seat of retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

So, what happened? Well, last year, former Governor Rick Perry and Texas Senator John Cornyn hired a new leadership team, including state party chairwoman Pam Spanich. The new leadership team was also backed by national party officials who had more than a few issues with the old leadership team and plan to give the Texas party more of a national profile than in the past. What’s more, the new leadership is prepared to help the party fight for redistricting, and they’ve made an effort to make the Texas party more politically moderate. But a new study, which was financed and commissioned by the Texas State Republican Party, takes issue with the new party’s leadership, criticizing them for their changes as “moderate” and claiming that their new leadership doesn’t have their back. “Our study shows that the Texas Republican Party is in serious trouble,” said Kevin McLaughlin, the president of McLaughlin Associates, a Texas-based political consulting company. “To stay in the game, the Texas Republican Party needs to change in a substantive way. It needs to look beyond its 2010 voters and redraw its map. It needs to become more like its sister parties: the Republicans in Washington, D.C., and the Democrats in Austin.”

At this point, the comparison

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