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What’s New In Blue Cat 039;s Stereo Triple EQ?

The Blue Cat’s Stereo Triple EQ plugin was designed based on Blue Cat’s Triple EQ technology and its highlight stems from the fact that it packs 3 filters that let you to easily equalize the left and right channels of your signal separately. To be more precise, the plugin comes with a low shelf, a high shelf and a boost or cut peak filter that enables you to equalize sound like a single filter with customizable shape.
Speaking of filter shapes, it is worth mentioning that the tool is capable of a wide range of gain of between minus and plus 40 dB per band and a bandwidth of up to the 5th Octave. Considering that the filters are linked together, so making any modifications to the bandwidth entails all are altered accordingly.
Depending on the host you are using, the plugin can display the computed frequency response, so you can know when the signal is processed. Therefore, it provides you with a versatile environment for creating any filter shape you set your mind to.
It is worth mentioning that the plugin can be controlled in real-time automatically or via a MIDI controller. Regardless of the operating method you choose, you can expect zipper-free clean and continuous time-varying equalization with no latency.

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System Requirements:

Supported OS: Win XP/2003, Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium III (800 MHz minimum) or equivalent
Memory: 512 MB
Hard disk space: 250 MB
Important! This patch requires DXVK v1.5.0 or later.
The Visual Mode is being added to the Viewer. No other changes are made to the engine (aside from the new Visual Mode code), it should work exactly the same as the 0.56RC1 release.
I am aware of some major bugs that