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Change file creation date and time using FileDate Changer software.
The application supports many popular file formats, including: PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP, RAR, and TAR files.
It can modify the date and time stamp for a single file as well as for multiple files in batch mode.
With FileDate Changer, all files can be automatically updated with the new timestamp data.
The FileDate Changer software is a simple program, but very easy to use, with a friendly and intuitive interface, making it ideal for all users.
FileDate Changer is designed to change the time and date of creation and access of files.
The tool features a basic configuration set that will allow you to add or remove files from the list with the help of the file browser or by dragging and dropping them.
Furthermore, it can modify the date and time of creation, modification and access of files, which is possible in both single mode and batch mode.
Changes are applied with the click of a button, making it very easy to use.
You have the option to keep any field unchanged, allowing you to set the time and date of your choice.
FileDate Changer comes with the Windows registry cleaning function, which allows you to get rid of unnecessary entries that may be taking up space.
It is very portable, so it can be run on any computer with minimum effort.
It has no impact on system performance, and no error messages were displayed in our tests.
This is a simple tool that will get the job done quickly and easily.


Vip Video Changer Software 1.6.17
Vip Video Changer is a powerful all-in-one software solution which can change the video for you in just a few clicks.
Key features:
Video Editor
With the video editor you can easily modify video files to your needs. You can add…

10 KB

Video Editors

Easy Video Cutter for Android 1.1.1
Easy Video Cutter is designed for Android users to quickly cut video from any video sources like MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, WMV, DIVX and more. Easy Video Cutter supports cutting video on any android phone.
Key Features:
* Support to cut video from MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, WMV, DIVX…

3.5 MB

FileDate Changer Free X64

FileDate Changer is a free utility that allows users to easily alter the timestamp of selected files. The software is extremely easy to use and intuitive in its interface. It boasts a simple user interface and high performance.Q:

Logging all third party libraries used by a project

Is it possible to somehow get a list of all third-party packages installed on a computer? I am looking to know which are the the most commonly used packages, and for which projects.


You may use a code completion plugin for VSCode.
For example, you can use


Custom property in C# model: Mapping from object to entity with EF6

I would like to create an object in C# model which is mapped to the database.
I would like to map a “Project” with the entity “Project” without being able to assign the “Project” entity to a Project object in code.
Let’s assume that I have the following entity in my EF model:
public class Project
public int Id { get; set; }
public string Name { get; set; }
public string Description { get; set; }

public Project() { }

public Project(string name, string description) : this(name, description) { }

public Project(Project project) : this()
this.ProjectId = project.Id;
this.ProjectName = project.Name;
this.ProjectDescription = project.Description;

I have no problem getting the following list of projects from the database:
IEnumerable projects = _context.Projects;

foreach (var project in projects)

FileDate Changer 2022

FileDate Changer is a useful tool that helps users to change file date and time stamps. It is a portable application that runs smoothly on Windows platforms.

Dell like to blame everything on Windows updates and patches, so they put this update on their disk. When you install it it will prompt you with a message saying this is Dell recommended, click OK. The process will start and suddenly it fails, the only thing you can do is click Cancel.
Download Link:

Chrome/Chromium has these issues very often. The solution for the issue is installing this extension:
I have seen a few other related extensions on the chrome web store, but they don’t work for me and the browser crashes every time.
Download Link:

By default Opera supports proxy server for internet connection via Internet Settings. In this blog I want to show how to Configure Proxy in Opera for internet connection in Windows and OS X using Mac OS X.
Opera is a web browser that is developed by Opera Software and released in 2003. Opera is the main rival of Firefox.
Download Link:

Visual Studio Code from Microsoft is a lightweight, open-source editor built on the Electron framework. It is a cross-platform development tool that supports multiple languages (C++, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript) for both Windows, Linux and macOS.
Download Link:

Chromium is a cross-platform browser developed by the open-source community under the BSD license. It is a reference implementation for all the open web technologies.
It has a speed and stability that rivals the closed-source browsers.
However, many users complain about poor compatibility with plugins and sites.
Download Link:

What’s New In FileDate Changer?

FileDate Changer is a simple tool that lets you easily change the time and date of your files. The handy utility adds metadata to any file and folder for Windows.
change timestamp windows 7 change timestamp for windows xp change timestamps for file

After successfully killing a virtual machine I created with VirtualBox, the machine was not deleted completely, thus the question appeared.
Unfortunately, there is no batch command to remove a virtual machine (or any other application in the VirtualBox IDE), so I had to remove the machine by hand:

Run command prompt as administrator

Type: cd %HOMEPATH%\VirtualBox VMs

Type: devenv VBox.Vim.exe VM_NAME

Type: devenv VBox.Vim.exe /resetvm VM_NAME

If you have an error that says devenv is not recognized, then try running it from the command prompt as administrator. If that does not work, reinstall VirtualBox (the version in the OS’s repository).

Another way is to stop the virtual machine, and delete it manually.

There is no guarantee that the last way will work, as I have no idea if the VirtualBox SDK might react differently to a forced shutdown. You can try this, but I haven’t had success in deleting the machine, so I leave it for you to try.


You can use my VB Shutdown/Kill Virtual Machines Tool VBXKillTools.exe

The VBXKillTools.exe is a batch file that can shut down, delete or kill a virtual machine with the following possibilities:

Shutdown virtual machine
Delete virtual machine
Kill virtual machine


How can I recover a deleted hard drive partition?

I have accidentally formatted my external hard drive with only one partition. It is currently in a PNY external hard drive enclosure, and I have formatted it in Mac OS X. Now, I can see there is a big hole on the partition, but I don’t know how to recover files from it.
I have tried to follow these steps, but I don’t know if this is the right way to do it, or if I need to do anything else.

Connect the enclosure to my Mac, and open Disk Utility, and see if I can see any partitions in the list, in particular, I would like to see the one with the hole
Connect the enclosure to my Mac, and open Terminal and type the following command: sudo gpt -r show /dev/disk0
Open the Disk Utility, and check if I can see any disk in the list, in particular, I would like to see the disk where the partition with the hole is.

Please let me know if I’m missing something. Thank you.


If you had a

System Requirements For FileDate Changer:

Mac – OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and up
Windows – Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Linux – Ubuntu 12.04 or greater
ANDROID – Android 4.0.3 or greater
Dedicated server required, no game launcher installation needed. Check with your administrator to see if the game launcher needs to be installed.
PLEASE NOTE: As of writing the game is only available for SteamOS. It is not yet available for Windows, Mac or Linux.
The loading screen