Ransomware attacks are more and more frequent, but the number of protection initiatives and tools against blackmail trojans is also increasing. One of the tools you can try out is called AntiRansomware, a real time scanner that promises to detect ransomware-specific activity and take the measures needed for the malware to be blocked.
Finds clues that betray the presence of ransomware
The protection strategy of AntiRansomware is quite simple: the real-time monitoring module scans the watched folders and uses complex algorithms to detect malicious activity that is specific to ransomware viruses. The alarm is raised in case files that are stored locally start to be encrypted.
This approach can prove efficient because ransomware usually targets private user files found in the Videos, Music, Pictures, and Documents folders. Additionally, you can add other directories you want the application to keep an eye on.
Starts emergency shutdown procedure to prevent ransomware from executing
What is more interesting about AntiRansomware is its emergency measures in case ransomware is found. Not only that it displays warnings and sends a message to let you know about its suspicions, but it can initiate a shutdown procedure in a few seconds and restart the computer in safe mode to prevent the malicious code from executing further.
AntiRansomware then displays suggestions on how you can proceed to recover the encrypted data.
Use it together with a full security solution for maximum efficiency
AntiRansomware should not be confused with an antivirus, as it does not fall into this category and it cannot replace a complete security solution.
Unlike antiviruses that usually block ransomware from executing, AntiRansomware can detect malicious activity once the code is already running, taking a few measures to stop it from advancing and encrypting more files. As a consequence, you should use it as an additional security tool running alongside an antivirus.







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published:26 Oct 2017


FreeWSO Security Chief shares his views about WSO’s AntiRansomware tool.
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published:26 Aug 2015


We are pleased to present to you the world’s first full featured Open source anti-ransomware tool – AntiRansomware. This tool will prevent your data from being encrypted and stored by Ransomware: Ultrabox, Cryptowall, Kaspersky, GandCrab, Immorlica, Necurs, TeslaCrypt, WinRar, TeslaCrypt and RansomLock. It’s super easy and can be easily configured, and MUST be configured to prevent malicious activities.
The tool scans all files and folders on computers to filter out all malicious entries. All regular files, archives, archives, folders and other files will be scanned. Ransomware threats are not stopped on the database level. The scan is stopped when the file is an encrypted file. If you see such a file, you are to do a backup of your data. It is a MUST to backup your data first before attempting to decrypt the files.
The tool automatically searches out infected files and removes them. It stops the program, which encrypts the files, opens a web browser or starts the exe file. This is very important. If not, the program can’t be killed. The download link will open a download window in the web browser. The software user will be notified when the AntiRansomware is ready to be installed. It can

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I’m trying to get specific data from a MySQL table, and use the GET function from the http protocol to send data. The problem I’m having is that the following doesn’t work. It is supposed to get the information for every user that isn’t NULL.


$statement=$db->prepare(“SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = :username”);


The code above works if I change the :username from the GET parameter to the actual username that is in the MySQL table, but I need the code to work with the variable.


You should use string replacement and then bind the PDOStatement:
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What’s New In?

• Quick and easy to use. Just drop files or folders into the list, select the items that you want to monitor and get the results.
• Detects signs of a new attack or prevents an existing one.
• Detects different types of malicious activity such as spyware, Trojans, trojans, viruses, hijackers and ransomware.
• Creates a log file that you can use to see the performed tasks.
• Analyzes files on local drives and network drives.
• Supports multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.
• Supports RAR and ZIP archives.
• The log file can be opened with Notepad, you can use this to copy malware signatures to a local log file.
• Under Windows Vista/Windows 7, the program will run as a service.

Ransomware Attacks are on the rise, with each year we see more cases of infections. While most people are able to recover their files from the initial infection, sometimes the malware spreads further to other locations and encrypts all your files. You may be wondering how to protect your computer from ransomeware, how to recover your files, and how to decrypt them, but unfortunately there is no way to decrypt the files with a standard anti-ransomware solution. This is because the ransomware author most likely has coded his software to be robust and very difficult to counter. So in order to recover your files, we need to look elsewhere.

There are a few different ways that you can fight Ransomware. We will go over two of the best options here.
The first way to fight Ransomware is to use a service that can offer protection against the Ransomware on your computer. The best option is our product, Ransomware Killing Tool, which will remove the ransomware without the need to decrypt your files. It uses advanced technology to scan your computer for new infections and prevents ransomware from spreading further. If it can not remove the Ransomware, it will quarantine the infected file so that you can manually remove the infection.
Ransomware Killing Tool is one of the best ways to fight Ransomware and is also a free trial.

The second way to fight Ransomware is by using a well-tested tool, such as our product, Ransomware Killing Tool. It will remove Ransomware and quarantines the infected files so you can manually remove the infection.

How Ransomware Killing Tool Works
Ransomware Killing Tool is an advanced and well-tested tool that uses innovative detection technology that scans your computer for any hidden infections that could be spreading ransomware. Once it detects the infection, it will quarantine the infected files so that you can remove the infection. It is easy to use and can take care of infections on a single computer or your entire network. There are no false positives, as Ransomware Killing Tool will

System Requirements For AntiRansomware:

OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, ATI Radeon HD 5450, or Intel GMA 950
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Internet connection required to play and obtain updates.