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AutoHit Download With Full Crack is a program which can quickly and automatically retrieve your visit counters for the first 20 of your eBay online auctions.
Here are some key features of “AutoHit”:
■ Automatically find all of your Active or Sold Auctions.
■ View Visit (hit) counters for each auction.
■ Select “Similar”, “All”, or “Not Similar to” Auctions by title and view average Visits.
■ Multiple User ID’s saved for quick access. Passwords NOT saved for Security.
■ Browse other Users Active Auctions for hit counters.
■ Learn how many visits your item requires before someone purchases it.
■ Learn average visits for each purchase for each item.
■ Decide whether to change your auction title due to a low number of hits, or change your Item description due to a high number of visits and low sales.
AutoHit is a tool that can help you to select a Title and Description that will increase your sales. This program is very easy to use and will help to increase sales quickly.

Here is a listing of how to’s that I have found useful with AutoHit:
Step 1) Go to the AutoHit Options and make sure all the check boxes are checked.
Step 2) Go to the AutoHit tab and make sure the checkbox for Similar is checked.
Step 3) Go to the Options tab and make sure the check box for eBay’s Close Window is checked.
Step 4) Go to the Size tab and make sure the check box for Searching from Title to Description is checked.
Step 5) You will notice that there are 3 tabs to choose from. “AutoHit Options” “AutoHit” and “Options”. To select a Title and a Description use the button to the left of the Searching From Title To Description. The 3 step process is as follows:
Step 6) If you have a listing with the same Title and Description on eBay, then the Title and Description that you are interested in will be the number one on the auction.
Step 7) If you have a listing with a Title and Description that are different then the Title and Description that you are interested in, then the Title and Description that AutoHit finds for you is the one that will increase your sales.
Step 8) To view the average visit for each item in your listing use the button to the left of the Average Visits for Each.

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KeyMacro is an extremely powerful macro program. Using KeyMacro you can type very powerful commands by simply pressing one key and you can watch them being typed into the program.
KeyMacro Features:
■ Create a new User or edit and save User information.
■ The User name, password and email address can be changed.
■ You can create a list of users, and KeyMacro will save this list and your changes.
■ You can setup KeyMacro to display this list on the keyboard using the HotKeys feature.
■ HotKeys feature allow you to set a HotKey combination which will display a new list of users, or edit an existing user, or change the User information.
■ You can view all of your users, or a list of selected users.
■ Optionally you can filter the list of users to include only users who have recently visited.
■ Can display the User’s HotKeys, email, password, username or display the user’s description.
■ Can display the User’s IP address and Country (except for Skype) or browse other IP addresses on the same network.
■ You can save a script which will run in the background once you have identified a user (if they are logged on) which will search for all of their recent visits, their email, username or display their HotKeys.
■ You can specify a maximum of 5 “interesting” users, and a maximum of 20 selected users.
■ You can search for users in real time on a continually updated list, or display the list of users who have visited over a specific period.
■ You can browse other network computers to see if someone is logged on, or who else is logged on to a computer.
■ Can show images of the User’s IP address, Country, HotKeys, Email, Username or display the User’s description.
■ Can display the User’s IP address, Country, HotKeys, Email, Username or display the User’s description.
■ Can show images of the User’s IP address, Country, HotKeys, Email, Username or display the User’s description.
■ You can display the User’s Email, Username, Password or IP address if you have the User’s HotKeys.
■ You can display the User’s HotKeys, Email, Username, Password or

AutoHit Crack For Windows


AutoHit can be used in conjunction with eBay’s Visit/Hit Counter feature to determine how much traffic each item receives. Visit counters are not available for private listings.

For more information, visit AutoHit at

Looking for a complete eBay/PayPal system, with auction software, escrow, virtual shopper, and more? This is the total package you need! Can also use with PayPal Central for ongoing PayPal processes. All components combined offer complete eBay/PayPal solutions. Also available for U.S. and Canadian customers.

Part of the PowerPack, the Autofunds() Module will take care of setting up escrow for your auctions. The Batch Forbid() Module will stop the auction from being raised to the top until you reach your requested selling price. The Feeds() Module will provide you with information about any sales that have occurred for any auction items in your feed. The Automatic Payment AutoProcessor can automatically send payments to your buyers, for the final sale price. And, the BidWatch() Module can be used to monitor the progress of your auctions at any time. The module also contains a log file which you can read to see who bought what.

PowerPack and AutoFunds() are the only modules you will need to set up your auctions. will set up and send out the invoices to your buyers, through your PayPal account, automatically. It will also update your eBay auction listing information for your buyers.

You can also set up and manage an inventory list with the AutoInventory() Module. has the most comprehensive free auctions software program available today. Complete, all-in-one, automated auction management software.

Our software package includes all the following:

1) BidWatch() – This allows you to view your bidding activity at your auctions and get real-time updates. It can be used to look at your favorite auctions, see who has bought what, when, and how much they have paid. It can also be used as a tool to look at your auction history at a later date. This module will keep track of your best customers, who have paid for your auction items and your best buyers. It will analyze each of your buyers and list which ones are your most frequent, the ones who are the most profitable, and the ones who have a buyer/seller ratio

What’s New In AutoHit?

This is a simple A-Z Hit Counter for all Auctions. Now you can have
instant access to your item counter or the lowest number of hits for a
user…or if you are a seller, the number of hits for the Auctions that
you are offering.

The AutoHit program is very simple to use and requires no setup or registration. If you are a seller you can get started without downloading any software, simply hit “Register Account” and follow the steps.

This program is freeware, and does not require a serial or registration number.

This program is easy to use, you simply enter your account information and you can start tracking hits for your items. You can also view your average hits per sale, and the average number of visits your item needs before someone buys it.

AutoHit will never look up a user’s eBay account information or pass any user’s information to any third party service, website or company. All the information is local and stored in your own PC.

Please note that the free version of AutoHit will only look up average hits for your auctions, it will not count your actual hits for each auction. The fee paid version will count your actual hits and can do so automatically.

Free License

Shareware, Shareware is software which can be installed on only one computer, and shared with other people. Usually shareware comes without any support, you need to read and follow the user’s manual for instructions on how to use it.

Shareware is an excellent way to learn to use new software, because most developers make it easy for new users to get the software working with minimal effort. Most of the time, you can try shareware at no charge.

Shareware developers are known to put a few features in their software which the user can opt-out of, usually for a fee. The developer makes money from the fees, and the user gets the software at no cost.

You should be sure to read the user’s manual to see if the software you are downloading supports shareware. If it doesn’t, it may mean that the developer no longer supports the shareware program.

The shareware program you’re installing may not have the feature you’re looking for, or you may want to use a different version which comes with the feature you want. For example, you can’t use shareware to automatically search eBay auctions for your items.

If you need to see how many visits your item needs before someone buys it, you will need to download the fee paid version of the program, AutoHit Pro, for $19.95. (This program will not do any of the free things, or count hits for you)

You can also use the AutoHit Pro program, or any of the other paid programs on eBay to search and retrieve your items, once they’re registered on your account. The account

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