With the continuous privacy breaches and data theft attempts that are going on, you might be feeling unsecure while navigating online. It is no wonder that privacy-related applications and browser extensions are sought after. While a short research might reveal the major players in this field, you could also call to the Mullvad Privacy Companion to provide suggestions on how to protect your privacy even better.
A privacy-oriented extension 
The Mullvad Privacy Companion is, in fact, an extension for your Mozilla Firefox browser that works alongside and is complementary to the Mullvad VPN application. With its help, you can easily toggle VPN on in your browser to make sure your identity is protected at all times.
To put it another way, Mullvad Privacy Companion allows you to connect to the Mullvad proxy servers from Firefox. Of course, you could do the same without the Firefox extension, but the configuration process for the network settings might be tedious. Another advantage is that, while connected via a proxy server in Mullvad, the majority of captcha forms will not be displayed anymore.
Keep in mind that the proxy button is only visible if the Mullvad application is installed as well. In any case, your current location and the external IP address are shown in the popup window of Mullvad Privacy Companion.
Install privacy extensions and disable WebRTC 
Aside from allowing quick connections to the Mullvad VPN servers, the Mullvad Privacy Companion provides suggestions on extensions for Firefox that can protect your identity while going online. You have them all in a single list, one-click away, you can read more about each and install them much easier.  
Other than that, you can also use Mullvad Privacy Companion to disable the WebRTC function in the browser, which allows user tracking from the websites you are visiting.
Works alongside Mullvad  
Mullvad Privacy Companion is a complementary tool for the Mullvad VPN application, allowing you to quickly enable proxy connection in Firefox. Additionally, it offers privacy-related suggestions and helps you manage the WebRTC service.







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This extension for Firefox is a helpful companion to the Mullvad VPN software. With this simple extension, you can easily connect to the Mullvad VPN service from your browser, making you remain anonymous while surfing. To connect to the service, you need to install the Mullvad VPN software before installing this extension.

What can you do with the Mullvad Privacy Companion?

Using Mullvad Privacy Companion, you can easily connect to the service (with 1 click!), use it to quickly toggle proxy on/off, and find privacy-related Firefox extension.
You can also use it to fix incorrect external IP addresses displayed by the extension, for example after you logout of the VPN.

You could connect to the Mullvad VPN service via the browser directly. However, the configuration process for setting up the proxy servers might be tedious. On the other hand, the user interface (UI) for Firefox is designed in a way that is user friendly and intuitive. In other words, you can get to the Mullvad VPN service in a quick way.

If you use a Linux distribution, it is highly recommended to install the Mullvad VPN application in the browser when you use the Mozilla Firefox browser. In this way, you can use other privacy-related extensions without problems. If you are running a Windows machine, you are on your own. You can install and use the Mullvad VPN application as well.


Mullvad Privacy Companion can be used without problems alongside other privacy-related Firefox extensions.
Mullvad Privacy Companion is an extension that will quickly connect to the Mullvad VPN service from your browser.
You can use the extension to quickly toggle proxy on/off, to find privacy-related suggestions in Firefox, and to fix the internal IP address of the user.

The extension could be useful to remain secure and anonymous while navigating online. However, the extension is not recommended for the novice user. While connecting via a proxy server in Mullvad, the browser usually shows an error pop-up. You can ignore the error pop-up, but you might also consider installing the Mullvad VPN service to be on the safe side.
Mullvad Privacy Companion Support:

As the Mullvad Privacy Companion is a complimentary extension for the Mullvad VPN service, you can always contact the support team to ask for help.

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Mullvad Privacy Companion Crack + Free Download

The extension allows you to quickly and easily connect to the Mullvad VPN servers with a simple click.

The extension does not work with other VPN services.

The extension displays information on your current connection status.

Information on which websites were connected.

The extension does not keep any form of logs.

The extension does not work on locked Windows.

The extension allows you to install privacy extensions.

The extension displays a list of VPN providers where you can choose a provider of your liking.

The extension shows information regarding your connection status.

The extension does not keep any form of logs.

How to install the extension in Firefox?

The extension is compatible with the latest version of Firefox.


How to install the extension in Android?


How to install the extension in Windows 10?


Supported VPN services

Mullvad Cloud
Mullvad Free 


Mullvad Privacy Companion Support:

Mullvad Support 
Mullvad Support Chat:

Mullvad Support Talk:

Mullvad Support Forum:

Support options

Downloadable version

The extension is available for download as a.xpi file.

Public directory

The repository is public and has its default code at GitHub. The repository contains the latest and patched version of the extension and its source code.

Individual builds

The repository also has builds for specific platforms or language versions. Each build contains the extension code and optionally some of its configurations. The build is visible at the top of

Mullvad Privacy Companion Crack

Privacy-oriented, privacy-focused and privacy-respecting. We are building the privacy-centric browser, which means you can browse without data spies. That’s why we developed the proprietary Proxy Application designed to permanently protect your identity. This application was designed to work alongside the Mullvad VPN and to complement its features. Together, the two can help you to browse privacy-friendly.
Important Notes:
The extension only works when the Mullvad VPN application is installed in your browser. Therefore, you must restart your browser after installing the extension.
DISCLAIMER: Please note that Mullvad and Mullvad Privacy Companion are only for personal, non-commercial use. All samples and demo sites here on my blog are just for educational purpose. They do not represent real use case scenarios.


You’re probably looking for an extension for Firefox called HTTPS Everywhere.
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What’s New in the?

Allows proxy connections via VPN for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
Includes privacy-related suggestions to stay protected.
Toggles WebRTC off.
Provides browser security when being connected to VPN.


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System Requirements For Mullvad Privacy Companion:

OS: Windows XP SP2 (32-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit) or Windows Vista (32-bit)
CPU: 1GHz or faster processor
Memory: 256MB RAM
Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible graphic card, Shader Model 3.0
Hard Disk Space: 250MB
Note: Support for the following languages is available:
• A language selection screen will be displayed when loading the game.
• The language will not be changed if the game is