It can be quite a difficult task to find a proper alternative to the default Notepad application on Windows computers, especially since some of the available programs are quite pricey and don't offer that many tools.
One application that you could check out is Charny NotePad. It's a neat application that lets you create and edit text files and it's completely free of charge.
Simple and fluent graphical interface
The application installs quickly and it sports a really intuitive and clean graphical interface with multiple tools that you can check out. It doesn't come with any customization options, but you wouldn't really need them since the UI is quite fluent.
It also doesn't have any tips or instructions, although it would have been nice if you could get some guidance when you first launch the application.
Create and edit text documents
You simply need to start typing in order to write down important information and create text documents. You can use all sort of font styles and sizes. You can also adjust text alignment and use text effects like bold, italic and underline.
It comes with the option to pick a font color from the palette. You can also search for certain phrases inside the text and it comes with a tool for unlimited undo and redo options. You can insert date and time, simply pick from multiple available formats.
More features and tools
It lets you insert special characters and use bullets for creating lists and synthesizing information. You can zoom on your text and pick a bar style from the many available options. It also lets you work on multiple documents at the same time by using tabs.
You can view document properties, including the path, extension, character count, line count and the total number of words that it contains. You can save documents in multiple file formats, including rtf, txt, html, php, xml, java, vbs.
All in all, Charny NotePad is a neat software solution that allows you to create and work on multiple documents at once and save them into various formats.







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Create and edit text documents.
Make text in the order you want.
Choose text or speech fonts.
Find and replace text.
Insert bullets, underlines and symbols.
Zoom text and find and replace text.
It’s free!
It will let you enjoy unlimited saving and undo.
You will appreciate the fast and responsive interface.
Save and open files.
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There are good news for people who are actually looking for an alternative Notepad application for Windows computers. Charny NotePad Crack Keygen is a tool that you could check out to create and edit text documents.
It’s a freeware application, meaning that you won’t need to spend a dime to use it.
It’s also a powerful utility that you could use to create and edit text documents. You can use the application to work on tons of files at once.
The interface is intuitive and it’s quite easy to understand and work with.
This program lets you adjust text alignment, choose a font and use text effects like bold, italic and underline. You can also see the file path, extension and other properties.
You can insert date and time, choose different date and time formats, use text search tools and insert bullets. You can even add images to text documents.
The application lets you work on multiple documents at once. It also has a tool that lets you zoom on text documents. It lets you save documents to multiple formats like rtf, txt, html, php, xml, java, vbs.
All in all, Charny NotePad is a cool software application that lets you create and work on multiple text documents.
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February 14th, 2012


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Charny NotePad is a free notepad replacement. What makes it different is that it is designed to be a full featured notepad replacement, with a number of useful features that can not be found in other notepad replacements.

Its features are presented in a minimalist and clean interface which is easy on the eyes and gives the user a clear and intuitive interface for using their notepad.

There is a number of innovative tools for writing text. It offers all the standard features including: undo, insert, cut, paste, print, search. It also has sophisticated features such as bullet lists, numbered lists, bulleted lists, borders, rulers, typed text borders and many more.

There are also number of options for formatting text such as text alignment, fonts, text styles, colors, logos, watermarks, character sizes and many more. These are in addition to all the standard features that any notepad replacement should have.

You can add and edit text files in text, CSV, HTML, PDF, TXT and XML formats.

You can customize the toolbar and the menu buttons. Change the background color, font color, text size, and many more.

Automatic backup to cloud, text file compression, permalinks to access documents later, and much more.

Charny NotePad is a multi document notepad replacement and you can even edit them simultaneously. You can even open new documents for editing during the time that an existing document is being edited.

New documents are called tabs, and you can create new tab on any occasion and even use as many tabs as you want. Its syntax highlighting and text formatting tools are so powerful that you can edit any type of text from one. It also has a built in dictionary, which can be used to look up words you are unsure of.

Integration with wordpress makes it easy to publish your notepad on your blog. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to use.

There are many themes that you can use to make the application look the way you want.

You can export documents to various popular formats such as Word, PDF, Google Docs, HTML, XML,.CSV, TXT, RTF, ODT, etc. You can even use a versioning control system to make sure that you are able to recover old documents.

You have the option of storing your documents in the cloud or on your computer. You can even store them on a

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This application is designed to let users to create notes, jottings, and to edit text files. Notes and jottings are represented by text files, the latter ones being created using LaTeX.
You can save notes in a very simple and convenient way, including a date and/or an optional title. On the other hand, LaTeX is a very advanced text-formatting technology that lets users create very complex document files, including tables, graphs, images, etc. All of these options are conveniently supported by Charny NotePad.
What can it do for you?
You can use this application to easily create notes, jottings and to edit text files. The last purpose can be made by using various approaches. Note files can be created using LaTeX, which is a very powerful tool that allows to create complex file formats. It is the case of note files that can be created using different styles, including figures, tables, math formulas and such.
You can also create notes in a simplified way, by using only the features that are needed and not those that are cumbersome.
You can even use the application to share text files with other people and you can create and edit documents on your own computer as well as on other computers.
The program supports all sorts of file formats including rtf, html, php, java, xml and vbs. It even lets you to view and edit document properties.
Charny NotePad has a freeware version that can be downloaded from the official website of the application.
Charny NotePad Screenshot:

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What’s New In Charny NotePad?

Charny NotePad is a useful tool that allows you to create, edit and save text documents. It supports a large variety of document formats and ensures that you are able to work on multiple documents at once. Your documents are saved into several formats by default, which should make it easy to work on them.
How to use Charny NotePad
To create a new document, click the New button and you’ll get a blank page. Just type away and you’re all set. Note that you don’t have to use any character set for Charny NotePad.
To edit or copy a document, click on the document tab and then click on the Edit button. You can then edit or copy any text in the document. You can also add your own or other text or use the built-in tools such as Insert, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo, Search and so on.
To save your document, click the Save button and pick a location and format. Your document will be saved in the folder you picked. You can also keep multiple copies of your document in different locations or format them differently. Click the Generate button to generate a new document in the existing format.
The application’s Format and Styles tabs let you customize the appearance of the document. It comes with a preview function, which lets you view the document in different modes. You can also customize your document, including changing the font and font size, adding bullets and changing text alignment.
The Format tab lets you customize the background, page number, page styles, text foreground, text background and text effects. You can create and save documents in multiple formats, including rtf, txt, html, php, xml, java, vbs, import and export. You can also use special character sets.
When working on multiple documents, you can organize them in separate tabs. This makes it easy to switch between them. The Documents tab contains a button that lets you open multiple documents and start editing them. You can also view important document properties, including the path, extension, character count, line count and the total number of words that it contains.
You can save documents in the Documents folder or any other folder. Simply click on the Save button and pick a location. You can also choose from various presets and even save different copies into the same folder.
Charny NotePad’s features are quite extensive and powerful.
Charny NotePad is easy to use and will let you customize and save any

System Requirements For Charny NotePad:

AMD HD 7970, HD 7950, HD 7870, HD 7850, HD 7770, HD 7750, HD 7700, or HD 7600 graphics card
2 GHz or faster CPU (with 4-cores and/or HyperThreading)
Windows 7 (32/64 bit) or newer. Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista SP1 or newer are supported.
DirectX® 11
3 GB RAM minimum
2 GB HDD space (optional)
Additional Notes: