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CieLUV is an application that lets you create pseudo-color sequences for scientific works in a GUI environment.

CieLUV can be used as an addition to any other Java application.
CieLUV is created as a tool that can be used as an easy-to-use and reliable sequence creator.
The code used in CieLUV is completely portable.
CieLUV Description:
CieLUV is a software that’s been built as a sequence creator and graphics debugger.

Dualcolor is a simple graphic application based on Java 2D that helps you to create online presentations with animations, flows, markers, and other effects.
Dualcolor is built as a portable application, that can be used as a part of other Java applications.
CieLUV Description:
CieLUV is a software tool that has been built with the help of the Java programming language.

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CieLUV Crack + Free Download

– Transforms spectral measurements (multispectral data) into a colorimetric space called CieLUV.
– Computes the colors of samples, fields and surfaces.
– Finds the spectral patterns related to the luminance, chroma or spectral difference of a sequence of color samples, fields or surfaces.
– Colorimetric colour sequences may be designed to be used in research studies, to perform visual analysis of imagery, or to portray any kind of scientific data.
– Colorimetry vs. Colorimetric vs. Colorimetric
– Colorimetry analyzes the characteristics of colors.
– Colorimetry is mainly the science of colors, such as the study of their fundamental nature.
– Colorimetry involves the utilization of instrumental devices.
– Colorimetric processing is performed when a color is measured.
– Colorimetry is, by nature, relative and is hard to compare.
– Colorimetric processing has to treat different types of parameters, like temperature, illumination, or personal perception.
– Colorimetry uses a nomenclature where primary colors are defined, whereas colorimetric processing uses a nomenclature where a color is defined from white to black.
– Colorimetric processing provides a redefined and simplified representation of colors.
– Colorimetric processing uses a simplified color space, CIE XYZ, in which the three orthogonal coordinates are x (the “L” value), y (the “C” value) and z (the “S” value) instead of RGB (red, green, blue).
– A plane is divided in three areas of equal area, separated by the XY plane, ZY plane and XY plane respectively.
– Colorimetric processing uses a colorimetric space defined by the CIE XYZ space.
– Colorimetry defines color differences based on the mathematical operations of Euclidean distance.
– Colorimetry analyzes colors and computes the changes in color over time.
– Colorimetry provides descriptions of the results of the processing, and is mainly used in color discrimination.
– Colorimetry is, by nature, relative.
– Colorimetric processing provides a redefined and simplified representation of colors.
– Colorimetry uses a nomenclature where primary colors are defined, whereas colorimetric processing uses a nomenclature where a color is defined from white to black.
– The differences between colorimetry and colorim


CieLUV is a java application that can generate color sequences using color maps.
CieLUV uses color maps generated by UNICODE color names, this CieLUV have a collection of over 1.500 color maps. Some maps are related to wavelength, others are related to color spaces.
CieLUV’s architecture allows the user to add or correct current maps, and apply these modifications on the current sequences.
To create a new sequence of colors, just create a file with this extension, click on the folder that will contain the new sequence and add it there.
When you add a sequence to the folder you will find every sequence’s color space icon (hex, rgb, hsb,…), you will also find the CieLUV colorspace extension.
To check if a color matches this CieLUV colorspace, just double click on it.
When you click on a color, a dialog box that contains information about the color will appear in the list.
CieLUV is open source, and you are invited to contribute by implementing new color maps or modifying the ones already exist.
Thanks for your attention!
If you have any question, you can e-mail me at : moncy (at) centrale-mission (dot) fr

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What’s New In?

CieLUV is a simple software that can help you create CieLUV sequences, also called Pseudo-Colors or Hex-Colors, which can be used to visually code scientific data, such as weather maps or astronomical radiation maps.

CieLUV can also be used to encode colors from any other CieLUV-compatible color space, such as the Munsell System.

To create a new sequence, enter data about the color in a simple text-editor (text-pad, a simplified Notepad program is available on the Installation CD).
Then, after the sequence is created, the sequence can be edited, displayed or saved in a variety of formats, and also sent to any place where a CieLUV-compatible software is available.

CieLUV is available in a free, open-source version (CieLUV Free).
CieLUV is available as a freeware version, available at

and, as a freely downloadable zip file, available at

If you are interested in keeping up to date with our software news and features, read our news ( ).
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For information on the CieLUV Community, visit our website ( ).
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