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The clipboard is a central and often forgotten part of the Windows environment. With Clipdiary Free For Windows 10 Crack you can keep track of your clipboard entries and copy/paste them between applications quickly and easily.
A nifty and easy to use clipboard manager. Filter, Rename, Delete and even search within your clipboard contents.
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Clipboard manager
Small footprint
Runs in the system tray
Backup your clipboard
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I have an AsyncTask class,
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The free version (“Clipdiary Lite”) is a fully featured, powerful clipboard manager with a wonderful interface. It includes an Office-file converter, a password recovery, a calendar and a utility to filter and search your data.
It also includes the ‘Nice Clipboard’ (saves an unlimitied number of copies of text and files in a transparent GUI while it shows you thumbnails of them) and the ‘Fast Copy’ (copies your selected text or files to the clipboard in seconds without opening any applications).
Please note that the paid version also includes ‘Fast Paste’ (puts the information you copied to the clipboard in seconds, i.e. when you type another character, it appears, no matter if the application is open or not).
You can view and manage clipboard items (text and files) in a GUI, rename, delete or move them and mark them as favorites. You can also limit the items that you receive with the ‘Nice Clipboard’ utility, set the ‘Remember last position’ option and perform an online search using the clipboard entries and the ‘Trash’ function.
The application uses a convenient, easy-to-see interface, and allows you to quickly find entries by customizing the lists, adding items or changing their colors and position. While the filters allow you to view only certain items, like images, the clipboard history can be sorted by date, text type, date of last modification, etc.
Another useful feature is the search engine; when you type a word or phrase in the search bar, the entries that match the text (in case of files) or the link (in the case of text) will show up on the list.
Various features, including a wizard, a file converter, a password recovery (if you forget your password) and a calendar are also included.
The ‘Many Clips’ feature allows you to split a long list of items into separate entries, leaving your screen more clear.
The application installs a system tray icon in the system tray and an uninstaller is included in the archive.
Please note that this is not the full featured commercial version of the application that Clipd

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Clipdiary Free is a multi clipboard manager application. This freeware utility enables you to access and manage Windows clipboard, which is the mechanism that stores cut and copied information. Clipdiary Free will effectively manage the clipboard and present it within a GUI, while enabling you to quickly view and organize it.
Clipdiary Free Features:
– You can copy, paste and delete items from the clipboard;
– A main window will contain your clipboard entries and allow you to view, edit, sort, copy or delete entries from it;
– Available filtering options provide the ability to set exceptions;
– You can drag, drop, filter and sort items from the clipboard;
– Add items to the clipboard from your favorite web site or from files on your computer;
– A preview window will indicate the contents of the clipboard entries;
– Manage and organize the entries;
– Copy items to the clipboard;
– You can convert items to text, email, html, as pdf or open them in the default web browser;
– You can even search for items from the clipboard;
– You can edit items in the clipboard to rename them or add comments;
– One can insert text from the clipboard to the active document or send an entry to the currently active application.
Version History:
1.0.0 (30 March 2009)
– New Clipdiary Free Screenshot
– Fixed a crash related with the main window
– Fixed a crash related with the search tab
– Better labelling
– Improved usability
1.0.1 (3 August 2009)
– Fixed a bug which caused ‘a’ to appear instead of ‘Add’ in the search menu
1.0.2 (26 September 2009)
– Added support for Clipboard Managers Network (CMDM)
1.0.3 (24 April 2010)
– Repaired bugs
1.0.4 (28 September 2010)
– Added support for more clipboard managers (Clipmaster, YAc and others)
1.1.0 (27 November 2010)
– Fixed compatibility with 64bit operating systems
1.2.0 (15 February 2011)
– Un-mangled Clipdiary Free’s name (the distribution site change it to Clipdiary)
1.2.1 (20 August 2011)
– Add option to clear the “Recently Used” list in the “Add to Clipboard” dialog
– Select a specific clipboard

What’s New in the Clipdiary Free?

Uploader Notes:

Clipdiary Free 4.5.2

Clipdiary Free is a great tool for those who work on their computer all day long, having to copy and paste various pieces of text, files or other information.
It enhances the capabilities of the Windows clipboard by storing all the copied items within a simple GUI and enabling you to easily paste them anytime you need to.
Manage clipboard entries with ease
The application runs in the system tray, constantly monitoring your clipboard entries without tampering with your work. It stores all the text pieces or files you send to the clipboard and places them within a plain interface, enabling you to view them in an organized manner.
Clipdiary Free features a set of options designed to significantly ease your work. By simply right-clicking on a copied entry, you can paste the text or the link to the active window or copy it to the clipboard, copy or paste it as plain text. Items can be renamed or deleted just as easy and the contained text can be easily saved to file or opened with the default web browser.
Use hotkeys and filters to manage your clipboard
The application features customizable hotkeys, which helps you access it and manage stored clipboard entries much faster. In addition to this, the available filtering options enable you to set exceptions that Clipdiary Free will simply ignore, since some programs or file formats can cause problems.
Clipdiary Free can store an unlimited number of clips, providing search and navigation functions to assist you in quickly finding the text you need. It automatically performs duplicate checks and enables you to perform online searches using the clipboard entries.
A handy clipboard management tool worth having around
With its forthright interface and the advanced filtering and searching capabilities, Clipdiary Free can prove really useful to any user. It includes the most important features of its trial counterpart, Clipdiary and just like the paid version, is one of the best clipboard managers.
Its footprint is small and so are the required system resources. Running in the system tray, it does not interfere with your actions, while staying at your disposal for when you need it.
Clipdiary Free Description:


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System Requirements For Clipdiary Free:

Mac: OS X v10.8.3 or later.
SteamOS: 1.2
Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or equivalent
Storage: 500 MB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
Introversion Games reserves the right to adjust the specifications for the purpose of improving compatibility.