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A feature rich PC software for a searchable, sortable and backup folders. It can search and sort both types of files for easy management. Digital Dump Sorter Download With Full Crack has a user friendly interface for file search and organization.You can easily use this file search tool to search for a file, then organize it to another folder which is possible to search with the same query.
Is an easy to use program which allows you to search and sort your files into a new folder which is possible to search by same query. There are many options in this file search and organization tool which makes this program as a best tool for search file type and easy to manage.
1. Scan, Search and Sort
The first option shows you file type you want to search to make it easy to locate files. You can scan, search and sort files using different ways: Date, File name, File extension, File size, File content, Volume serial number, Folder serial number, Owner name and Time created, Time modified, Time accessed, Time started etc.
2. Advanced Options
An Advanced Option allows you to move a file to a folder which is possible to search and show search results or add result of query into existing folder by user’s setting.
3. Date & Time Options
You can sort files by date and time access. This option helps you quickly find files using created, modified, accessed and started time.
4. Advanced Folders
You can define a desired folder and set it into custom folder. Using this custom folder option you can search by file type, folder serial number and other features.
5. Advanced Search Options
You can specify the search query by using options like, type, file name, volume serial number, file content, file size etc.
6. Snapshot Backup
You can create snapshot backup for all files which are possible to copy to location where you want to search and backup files by file name, volume serial number, owner name, time created, time modified, time accessed, time started etc.
7. Deleted Folder
You can define Deleted folder option which allows you to search and sort files by deleted time.
8. Search Option
You can use search option by search file or by search folder.
9. Bulk Snapshot
You can use this bulk snapshot feature to select the files which you want to copy into a folder.
10. User interface
The user interface of this file search and organization tool is easy to use, you can easily use this program for

Digital Dump Sorter Crack + Full Product Key Free (Updated 2022)

• Scan for specific content in folders
• Organize the scanned data and copy them into the folder you want
• Backup the target folder
• Sort the data and set the parameters for sorting
• Create a file counter in each subfolder
• Sort and copy the data into the Album folder
• Backup the entire set of data for further processing
Digital Dump Sorter (copied from VersionTracker)
Digital Dump Sorter is a reliable file organizing tool that is capable of scanning folders and digital archives, then revealing the contents. The software is particularly useful for users who saved files in several subfolders, since it allows them to easily identify the contents stored on their systems.

Scanning folders for specific content
Digital Dump Sorter is easy to use, features a clear-cut interface and it is capable of browsing through a large number of files. Moreover, it can analyze even large files and sort them, based on their extension. The application prompts you to select a source folder and a destination, then you may set your preferred options.
The program is dedicated to scanning the source folder, including all its subfolders, sort the data, then copy it to the destination directory. For example, the software can sort all the music formats into a specific subfolder named Music or all the pictures in Pictures & Video. You may set the application to scan, sort and copy the entire contents of the selected folder or filter the data by type.
Create folder backup and organize files
Not only does Digital Dump Sorter organize the files by type, but it can also copy them to the destination folder, thus creating a data backup. It can also add a file counter in the name of each subfolder and sort the Album directory by year and month. You may customize the contents of the Album folder, by specifying which file formats should be copied into it.
Once you have set all the options, you may start the process and watch its evolution on the progress bar. The software can also detect duplicate files, archive certain documents and ignore the irrelevant ones.
Simple to use file organizer
Digital Dump Sorter is a suitable tool for users who wish to organize the files in their computer in a quick and easy manner. All you need to do is select the source and destination folders, then customize the options according to your preferences. The software can scan the contents of the source folder, identify duplicates as well as archive files.

No matter how big your digital library is, digital sorting

Digital Dump Sorter X64

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System Requirements For Digital Dump Sorter:

– One single video card capable of DirectX 11 support
– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
– DVD drive
– Resolution: 1024×768
– DirectX 10 compatible hardware
– 1GB of RAM
– DVD and Steam
– OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
– 2GB of hard-drive space
– DVD drive and OS are required for installation
– Start