Do you want to get ranked quickly into search engines like google? Do you need to have your page indexed quickly, or want to boost an existing sites rankings? If this sounds like you, then this software will definitely help you! Some people have seen success in as little as 2-4 hours, while others usually see results within 24-48 hours!
Easy, no work, one push button software! Nowadays, there are miniature websites which provide quot;information quot; about websites. In other words, they create snapshots of your website, and index it complete with your web site title, website name, as well as a picture of your website. If you have a brandnew site (or even an existing website), then this software will tell these mini sites (over 30+ sites included) to index your site.
The result is that when Google visits those sites, it now looks like 30 sites find you important enough to talk about you, which means an increased likelihood of you seeing quick ranking results. Over 30+ authority sites included to help make your website look more important in search engines eyes! This software contacts sites like,,,, and so forth. If your website does not exist within any one of these sites indexes, this software tells them to index your website now to see results.
So, basically then not only will you see your weblogs almost immediately being accessed (because these sites are now crawling your website), but now you see an increased likelihood of not only having google immediately rank your site, but having it have more authority simply because these websites now have a snapshot of your main site. So basically, you get more results, faster! All in all, you will be able to get several sites ranked within minutes!









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You will get 30+ websites already indexed and more will be added to the list as soon as the software notifies each site. Moreover, the software will submit your website to each site on a random basis. This means that they will not always submit your website to all the same sites. This prevents you from knowing which sites are going to get your website indexed. And that is the key! You do not know what site will get your website indexed first! You will be surprised! That is why you should always see results within 24-48 hours! For more information and a free demo of this software, visit:

This is unlike any other software on the internet. It works, and it does not take months to see results. Believe me! I’ve tried more than my fair share of the other software on the net, and this software is definitely the best for the lowest price!
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This is not a generic SEO tool,

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This ultimate website SEO tool is the best way to get in front of that search engine spider in search engines like google.

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Easy, no work, one push button software! If you have ever struggled with trying to speed up the time it takes to get your web page indexed by search engines, especially Google, then you know how important it can be to speed up that process.
Most people have probably tried to speed things up by adding links, adding images and other various stuff to their pages. These people have also probably tried to speed up the process by using Search engine optimization resources like Yahoo, Bing, and Google webmaster tools, or even use paid (and sometimes free) software.
Many people have been disappointed in the results. Another problem is that most of the resources out there are great at finding the right things, but they do not do a good job at organizing everything into a single tool.
So here is the perfect solution for you. This software contacts websites like,,,, and so forth. If your website does not exist within any one of these sites indexes, this software tells them to index your website now to see results.
Now this software is actually 3 powerful tools in 1. This tool will:

Crawler – This software will go out to find and bring you everything you need to know to quickly make your website look important. The great part about it is that you don’t have to do anything to make it index your website. This software handles everything for you. It’ll do the crawling for you, and everything else is configured to work perfectly.
GoogleSight – This is a tool that will come in handy if you are having issues with Google. For example, if you are having trouble getting your website to appear on, or if you are having issues with your alt tags. This tool will allow you to quickly see the results.
Builder – This is not something to sit around waiting for things to happen. It is meant to handle all of the work for you and allow you to start directly off with the indexing process.

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This is different from any other SEO software because this software helps you to get ranking in Google & Bing in just 2 minutes. You can easily increase your ranking in google within just 2 minutes. you can use this software and increase your ranking. Best Ranking Software Features:
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You can easily rank your site within the search engine like Yahoo, GOOGLE, AOL,BING in only 2-4 hours if you use this software and do this.
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We have with us a method that can help to reach top ranking at the ease of your fingertips. So that no issue arises as it happens often, lets get a free demo of our free SEO software. So once get a free demo of our software. Just in a couple of seconds you can see the output of our software.
We have gained a very wide popularity in the field of SEO/SEM because of the easy usability of our software.
Getting the best ranking in a few hours
Search engine optimization means, the websites get the most number of visitors. That is why, website owners are trying to get the best rank in search engines. The major problem with SEO/SEM is that it takes a lot of time to get the desired results.
Fast SEO Indexer is here to solve the problem for you. It is a platform that needs not even an hour for getting the desired result. It also comes with two remarkable versions; version 1 and version 2.
* Version 1
Version 1 takes two minutes for getting the desired result.
Use your favourite browser to visit the website that you wish to rank. Once you visit the page, enter the website name in the software’s search box. Just once you input the website name in the box, click on the Search button. It will automatically start ranking your website in search engines.
*Version 2
Version 2 gets the desired result in just a single second. The output of version 2 is a ranking report.
After inputting the website name, click on Submit. It will automatically report the ranking of your website.
What makes Fast SEO Index

System Requirements For Fast SEO Indexer:

Windows 7/8/10
Mac OS X (10.4+)
Geforce GTX 460/470/580/690 or AMD HD 6870/6890
How to Install:
1. Download one of the seven game files listed above.
2. Place the game on your hard drive, using your preferred method.
3. Run the game and wait for it to load.
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