When you're little and your imagination runs wild, story time can become your favorite time of the day (or evening). But if you're the storyteller, you don't have to wait until you have grandchildren to start telling epic tales.
With the help of illustrated audiobooks such as iStoryBooks. you can see your child enjoying himself with a good night's story every single evening.
A virtual library filled with tales old and new
If you open the app with your child sitting next to you, it should come to no surprise if you see him enthusiastically scrolling to see what tale to start off first.
The app holds an expanded library of illustrated audiobooks, just perfect to keep your children occupied for nights on end. The library is filled with stories which may be more or less familiar (e.g."Cinderella" and "Snow-White"). Not only that but it also has educational books too (e.g. "Sea Animals")
Each story is made with the same sense of propriety and consideration, with beautiful drawings, interesting storylines, and an excellent voice-over that, unlike other similar apps, is narrated by an actual voice actor and not by an AI.
A well designed illustrated audiobook app
The stories are captivating and the controls that allow you to switch pages are as simple as possible, making sure that your child is always captivated by whatever story he is currently listening to.
Since iStoryBooks is so lightweight, all story files are downloaded when you first access them, and each file occupies little to no disk space, so you never have to worry about filling your hard drive when downloading new stories.
An easy solution for a child's good night rest
All thing considered, iStoryBooks is a great solution for when you want to keep your children entertained each evening.and what's more important, is that it manages to be fun in an educational way.







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iStoryBooks provides a wide variety of illustrated children’s books that you can listen to right on your phone. The app makes it possible to read stories to your children with a simple touch.

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Discover, download and enjoy the latest and best children’s books for free on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
With more than 100,000 titles and growing, the AppStar Kids app features new releases from the top storytellers in children’s book publishing.
Take the road less traveled and enjoy amazing books for children, young adults, and teens, including:
• Grade-A, award-winning children’s books
• Books for adults that will inspire the imagination
• New books every day
This free app makes it easy to find, download, and read great books for free.
The AppStar Kids app is designed to be educational and entertaining, and supports K-12 reading levels.
Features include:
• Search by age and reading level
• Book recommendations based on kids’ needs
• Family-friendly books
• Fun stories and games
• Detailed descriptions and images
• Content filters that block adult content and inappropriate language
Books are categorized by reading level and age to make it easy to find stories that are suited to your child’s reading level.
Each book comes with a free sample chapter, and can be purchased in a variety of formats.
The AppStar Kids app is a project of the Association of American Publishers, the parent organization of the leading trade publishing associations.

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Listen to hundreds of delightful stories!
1. Story: Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Kitten 2. Story: How to make a fish-house, A Sleepy-head, Chilly-billy 3. Story: A silly lark, A Lively Lion, A Curious Cat, A God-fearing Nune 5. Story: The Cat and the Mouse, The elephant and the dog, How a smart kitten saved a clever mouse, A hungry elephant 6. Story: A trifle, How to be a conan the pirate, Humpty Dumpty, The funny rabbit 7. Story: Mad dog, An inconsiderate lion, The naughty elephant 8. Story: The poor cat, A greedy pig, The foolish elephant 9. Story: A greedy dog, A hungry lion, A naughty elephant 10. Story: A silly lion, A sensible horse, The good Red Riding Hood 11. Story: A funny bear, A foolish dog, A mischievous wolf 12. Story: The silly lion, The good dog, The good fox 13. Story: The boy in the Apple-tree, The boy in the boat, The brave monk 14. Story: The big iron pot, The big stone apple, The beautiful maiden 15. Story: Mr. Fox, Mr. Bear, The silly girl 16. Story: The naughty squirrel, The naughty dog, The naughty boy 17. Story: Mad dog, The good boy, The good monkey 18. Story: The good dog, The wicked magician 19. Story: The boy and the duck, The happy dog 20. Story: The naughty dragon, The naughty bear, The brave fox 21. Story: A hungry bear, The good rabbit 22. Story: The naughty lion, The good dog 23. Story: The good dog, The good bear 24. Story: The wicked crow 25. Story: A playful goose, A greedy pig, A naughty fox 26. Story: How to catch a pig 27. Story: How to make a basket 28. Story: The crying wolf, The hungry lion, A naughty wolf 29. Story: A naughty boy, The good goose, A hungry pig 30. Story: The silly goose, The naughty mouse, The good rabbit 31. Story: The silly bear, The happy goose 32. Story: The naughty dog, The hungry bear, The hungry goose 33. Story: The good dog, The naughty crow, The good goose 34. Story: The naughty bear, The good rabbit

IStoryBooks. Registration Code


Story Time is a perfect solution for the night time. When you are in bed, simply place your iPhone or iPad on your nightstand or bedside table. Listen to one of the themed Story Books while you sleep.

The app is easy to use and free!

## How to Start Story time?

1. Touch the ‘Start’ button
2. Pick the story you wish to listen to.
3. Switch to ‘Night mode’
4. Listen to the story, (sleepmode is not recommended)
5. When you are ready to stop listening, simply touch the’stop’ button.

## Details

 * To get the best result, the device must be placed next to the bed so that it can receive the signal.*

## What will you hear?

These are some of the types of story you will listen to:

1. Nursery Rhymes
2. Fairytale
3. Fiction
4. Holiday / Seasonal

What’s New In?

Introducing iStoryBooks!, a beautiful illustrated audiobook app for kids of all ages!
Discover the beauty of iStoryBooks!
– From the makers of iStoryBooks!
iStoryBooks! combines the best aspects of great stories and great audio to create a powerful app experience for kids of all ages.
Explore the best digital books app in the App store!
– It’s now free!
iStoryBooks! combines the best aspects of great stories and great audio to create a powerful app experience for kids of all ages.
– It’s now free!
Children love the magic of stories. And those who are parents probably know that children can spend hours glued to cartoons on TV and online. In a world full of complicated apps, we set out to bring the best of both worlds together: Stories that are both entertaining and educational.
The goal was not only to help your child easily find the best stories and learn about some key topics, but to also make story time more fun than ever.
iStoryBooks! is the perfect tool for this. Unlike other similar apps, every story that your child finds in iStoryBooks! is narrated by a professional voice actor, and each audio file is a digital book, meaning you never have to worry about filling your hard drive.
And just like other apps, it’s free!
– Explore a library of narrated digital books
– Real voices
– Beautiful illustrations
– Two-page narration
– Dual language support
– Lovers of storytelling
– Exclusively for iPad

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