O&O Media Recovery is a software application that lets you recover all the lost data from various storage mediums like mp3s, SD cards, external HDDs.
Recovering data has never been this simple
With the help of the virtual assistant you can recover your lost information with just a few clicks. You simply install the program and after that you leave the search to run on your PC, so the assistant can find the data that can be restored on your HDD or device.
When complete, the search will display the data that can be restored on your device in the main window and ask for your confirmation to restore the lost information.
Simple steps for a complete recovery
When starting the program you will be notified to either load a data rescue, load the image of a drive previously created with O&O Disc Image or see if you need to update your program's version.
The next screen will display the storage devices connected to the PC, and you can select what device needs data recovered from that list. After selecting the device you click the button "next" which will start a search for lost items on that device.
After the search finishes you have the option to recover lost data with a simple mouse click.
You also have the option to save the recovery session for later use or if you plan to back up your data searches.
The interface is simple and easy to use even if you are not an experienced computer user and has simple steps to recover your lost data or apply other actions as needed.
O&O Media Recovery is a very simple to use software application with complex functions and all users that required lost data to be recovered are encouraged to try this software to get back the files they had without losing any quality in the recovery process.


Download 🆓 https://urlin.us/2n787x

Download 🆓 https://urlin.us/2n787x






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What’s New In O O MediaRecovery?

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher (The game is fully tested on Windows 7, but has been known to run on Windows 8, Windows 10)
3GB RAM (4GB Recommended)
20GB hard disk space (50GB recommended)
DirectX 9.0 or higher
DirectX Audio Device (Audio Driver not included in any of the packages)
Please follow the installation instructions carefully, you must install the software first, then the game, as the game will have conflict if they are installed at the same time.