Transcript is a lightweight application that displays two windows in order to assist users in transcribing text from images: the first window contains the source image and the second window contains the text document.
A clean GUI for better results
One of the strong points of this program is its interface. Simple and unobtrusive, it is tailor-made for increased productivity.
There are no buttons in excess and the floating menus can be dismissed to create even more workspace.
Versatility and ease of use
The application can load most common images (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, GIF) and TXT or RTF files can be imported. This makes it easy to append an already existing document.
Although the program does not support OCR, there are several common but useful functions, like “zoom” and “rotate”, which can help when dealing with fuzzy images. Inverting the image colors and switching to greyscale is also possible.
Another interesting feature is that the program can quickly change to the next image in the source folder. This can save a lot of time if there are multiple images to transcribe, grouped together in the same folder.
Customizing the transcription
The program offers plenty of options in the area of text customization. Users can select a different font, bold, italicize, underline or strikeout their text and increase or decrease paragraph indentation.
Superscript and subscript functions are available and users can format their texts with bullets. Left, right, center or justified text alignment is also possible.
A very good tool for manual transcribing tasks
To sum up, Transcript is a very good companion if automated processes like OCR fail. It is a fail-safe alternative, and as far as manual transcribing goes, it offers the most help an application can offer. The program is easy to use and, should things bog down, the help file is at an F1 key away.







Transcript 7.0.03 [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022


What is an OCR program?

An OCR program is the software that scans text from books, manuscripts or other documents, allowing it to be translated into digital form. Some OCR programs have a simple Transcript Free Download function, while others have more advanced functions that include complex analysis and searching abilities.

Why do I need to use an OCR program?

In an industry like book publishing, scanning is the first step in the process of producing a new book. An OCR program can be a time-consuming process, but one that gives you (your editor) all the information in an efficient manner.


How can I perform manual OCR?

As stated above, an OCR program is the software that scans text from books, manuscripts or other documents, allowing it to be translated into digital form. Some OCR programs have a simple transcript function, while others have more advanced functions that include complex analysis and searching abilities.

The transcript

The transcript is a document containing the text of an image, which may be a photograph, painting, or piece of text. It is often referred to as an image transcript. The document usually contains the source image, the output text, and any meta data that is required for the transcribing process. If the OCR program can read the source image, it will then create a text file with the same name as the source image. If the source image is a picture of a book, for example, it will have a file name such as “Custer.jpg”.

Meta data is information that is associated with a file, like information about the author, the image size, and other information. The document will have a file path to the source image as well as the description of the image. The output text file is saved at the same location, minus the file extension. If the output text file did not exist, it would be created with the exact same name as the source image.


Can I use an OCR program to produce a TATEX file?

Using an OCR program, you can create a transcript file with a description of the source image, text output and any meta data associated with that image. These files can be saved with different file extensions, in most cases TXT, TABX and RTF. TATEX files are simply text files containing only the text from the source image, with

Transcript 7.0.03 Crack + License Key Full

Perfect for Transcript For Windows 10 Crackion beginners, students and professional transcribers. The most important features and functions:
– Much more than just a simple page text extractor. Text can be recognized and formatted, including the insertion of special characters (eg. ‘
– Easy to configure. Choose a font size, and select the desired option for having text in one, many or in a particular color
– Supports special characters
– Generates ready to submit RTF, TXT and DOC files
– Works with various image formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF)
– Intelligent image thumbnailing
– Import and export files via Microsoft (Excel, Word, etc.)
– Large number of options and a large help system.
– Command line friendly
We are now offering a 30-day free trial of the program. If you want to try Transcript for yourself, and to learn more about the program, please feel free to download it from our website:

For more information about this program, please visit our website:


Here’s the latest version of the transcript application. At the simplest level, it is a very simple text extractor. The main features and functions of the program are:
– Choose a font size, and select whether text will be in one or many colors
– Intelligent image thumbnailing
– Import and export files via Microsoft (Excel, Word, etc.)
– Generate ready to submit RTF and TXT files
– Largest number of options available
– Import PDF and JPG images
– Supports all common image formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF)
In addition to the features listed above, the application also offers several cool functions:
– Send email notifications
– Right mouse clicking on a thumbnailed image opens the image directly in the document
– Color-inverted images can be accessed by following the menu item “Color invert images”
– Select whether text will be left, right, center or justified
– Text can be formatted (bold, underline, strikeout)
– Text can be super/subscripted
– Text can be formatted as a bulleted list
– Text can be formatted with bullets
– Text can be formatted

Transcript 7.0.03 Crack

The image reader software transcription and editing tool allows you to automate all of your copyediting and documentation work. Automatically, batch or one by one.
Transcription tools keep your copyediting simple and fast

Video transcribing tool with intelligent editing options.
Image files, text documents and movie files can all be processed.
You can set one or more regions to be transcribed. You can choose the style of result and various editing features.
Image files and text documents can be processed.
Load text files and the files are automatically split. You can choose the window size.
You can import text from clipboard, another app, or even process scanned text.
Help file included.
9 different fonts, 4 styles and 12 colors are available.
You can automatically bold, italicize and underline your text and have paragraph indents in 5 different sizes.
Supports Superscript and Subscript
You can also format your text using bullets, center align and justify. You can switch to greyscale or leave colors and background as they are.
You can set the zoom rate with a single click. This option allows you to read everything in the frame.
The tool is simple to use and includes a user manual.
Imports the features of the software Transcribe.
The application outputs results in PDF, TXT and RTF.
Transcribe can be automatically run when a new file or folder is added, and will exclude files and folders in the exclusion list.


Transcription of audio/video



Transcription of audio/video software.

Transcribe Transcription software comes in the form of an image file created by the software and showing a line of text in the foreground and a white background. The system automatically detects the text line and shows it in a different color depending on its background.
The program is intuitive and easy to use. Simply choose the audio/video file or a previously created document and let the software handle the rest.
The transcription results can be saved in a file or in the clipboard, and you can even save the automatically generated PDF document.
The package also includes a good user guide.

Its smart and intuitive interface offers a straightforward and efficient solution for your transcription needs.

Solid and stable alternative.

Fully customizable from the preferences menu.

No limits on the number of words

What’s New in the Transcript?

It’s really a free and useful Windows application to edit and turn scanned images in to text files which can be used later for any kind of reason.
– Scan and edit jpeg and bmp images with the provided Windows interface.
– Share or save it to the specific location by standard windows method.
– In-built full-featured text editor, with images, by OCR, translation, etc…
– Easy to use
– Use standard dialog windows to customize and operate.

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System Requirements For Transcript:

Windows 7 (64-bit):
Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.8 GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2.3 GHz
Windows Vista (64-bit):
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.8 GHz
Windows XP (32-bit):
Intel Core2 Duo E6550 2.53 GHz
Windows XP (64-bit):
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.53 GHz
Windows 2000: