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Wput is a command-line ftp-client that looks like wget but instead of downloading, uploads whole directories or files to remote ftp-servers.
Wput is written in the programming language C.
■ wget-like interface
■ TLS encryption
� Speed-limit
� Resuming
� Time-stamping (compares remote and local dates)
■ Proxy-support (socks5, http)
■ i18n
Wput Features:
�� 5.x.x Development wput-5.x.x.tgz
��� wput.1.1.x.tgz
��� bin/wput.1.1.x.pl
Wput is Copyright (c) 2004 by Sebastian Hartmann.
Wput is free software.
List of additional Source Code:
Makefiles for compilation
Support Forum:



Introduction Video:



Wput Documentation







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Wput Crack Free Download is a command-line ftp-client that looks like wget but instead of downloading, uploads whole directories or files to remote ftp-servers.
The –upload option can be used to trigger wput to upload files instead of just downloading.
This makes it possible to automate ftp-moves with wput.
If you have a problem using wput or need some kind of help for it please take a look at the FAQ.
Known issues:
The port of ftp-servers can’t be determined automatically.
Have you loaded some upload-files before?
Maybe you have found this by searching on Google, that an -o parameter.
So did we 🙂
Wput Password Authentication:
I would like to have anonymous ftp-accounts disabled by default, so the user has to run the ‘passwd’ script to activate it.
But I don’t want to disable access to ftp-accounts, but just let the user login only after he/she has provided the correct password.
I’m on Linux, but it is also possible on Windows, as I know the *BSD ftp-servers have this feature enabled out-of-the-box.
I just don’t know what the consensus is.
There’s no such thing as “the opinion of an anonymous person”, is there?
Is it right that even if a user needs to login as an anonymous user, it is best to invite them to a password dialog?
Do you support FTP accounts that have anonymous FTP enabled but a username-password?
Do you want to enable just FTP accounts or all FTP accounts, including anonymous FTP accounts?
There are more and more cases where anonymous FTP accounts or named accounts are needed.
I would like to let the user login to FTPSERVER anonymously after he has provided the correct username and password.
I would also like to know, if some user is not logged in, how the ftp-server can behave and what it does.
If wput cannot login anonymously after the user provided the correct user-name and password, there’s a chance wput is going to use the ftp-user to login.
What do you guys think about this?
What is your opinion on this?
I would like to know what you think.
This is a serious feature request.
It comes out of the blue, so you don’t have to

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Wput stands for Web-Put. Wput is a command-line ftp client that also downloads/uploads files to web servers or ftp servers.
Wput is a drop-in replacement for wget and it does not come with -O or -P options.
Wput is not limited to the download of a single file. Wput may download an entire directory or even all contents of a FTP server. It supports many different options like http proxy, tls and versioning.
The speed of Wput is unlimited. Wput uses a concurrency model and is designed to perform especially fast once connections to a server are established. Wput downloads using multi-threaded reading. Wput uploads using multi-threaded writing. This means that both connections are performed at full speed.
== Features ==
– Run without a GUI
– HTTP proxy-support (SOCKS5, HTTP)
– Time-stamping (remote timestamp compared to local)
– Resuming
– Selective resuming (of only parts that changed)
– Supports ftp versions 3.5.6 through 5.2.1 (Experimental support for newer versions may be available in the future)
– Directory recursion
– Supports archive files
– Works both as a client and a server
– configurable IO-Limit
– configurable Command-string
– Works well on large files
– Works well on slow connections
– POSIX-compliant
– Many options
– Simple to maintain
– GUIless
– supports wgetrc for configuration of many options
– built with C++
– cross-platform (unix only so far)
– OS-X port
Wput can be downloaded from my website:

== Downloads ==
Downloads of this program can be found in the file /wput-0.9.0-bin/ and I provide no support for these downloads.
Wput includes a Linux version compiled with gcc.
$ tar xzf wput-0.9.0-bin.tar.gz
$ cd wput-0.9.0-bin/
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ tar xzf wput-0.9.0-bin.tar.gz
$ cd wput-0.9.0

What’s New In Wput?

Wput is a simple ftp-client written in C/C++. It runs natively under
Windows, OSX and Linux. It can use both ‘passive’ and ‘active’ ftp.
Wput can resume file transfers with ‘wput -r’
You can download from/upload to any directory. Some examples:
– Download a directory to your desktop.
– Download a single file in a directory with ‘wput -a ‘.
– “wput -u @” uploads a file with username
and password in a password-protected ftp-server.
You can save a download file on local disk with ‘wput -s’. The file
is encrypted with ‘aes256-cbc’ with a random key every time wput
encrypts a file. This allowes you to resume a download later. You can
save a temporary file and delete it later.
Wput also offers a set of commands to limit download speed: ‘wput -i
(bytes/sec), wput -s (kb/sec), wput -f (files/sec)’ and ‘wput -u
You can also limit the number of files at download.
Wput supports a simple retry mechanism with the “+R” switch: It tries
to resume a download several times until a file is downloaded.
Wput supports tls encryption in passive mode.
or in the
documentation (Download Information SecNet).
Wput supports proxy servers in both active and passive mode. Use
“wget -p” for details.
Wput also supports time-stamping. If you use “wput” in a computer
with a different date and time set to the servers you’re downloading
from/uploading to, Wput will compare the local and remote date/time
and present the diff (in seconds).
Wput supports the wget-like progress bars in both active and passive
Wput uses lots of code from the wget-code. Wput has been designed
to be similar to the wget-code but more stable, and to be compatible
with windows.
Wput now has a

System Requirements For Wput:

OS: Windows® 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon™XP 2000+
Memory: 1 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 or AMD Radeon® HD 2900 Graphics
Additional Requirements:
Windows 8.1, 10, or Windows Phone 8.1 (Version 1.0.