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Last Edited: Jun 6, 2019

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Cold Cable Lifeshift is a small and simple software application for Windows that helps you separate cold and hot wires without the need to unplug the cable. Cold wires are coloured blue and hot wires are red. The software allows you to find and replace all broken or damaged wires on a 12V cable (76 x 12V) to ensure a safe and efficient running of any electrical component.

It is important to use a good “Splitter” cable with gold plated contacts, with proper wattage, and with the correct length.
All gold-plated connectors on the 12V cable are spec’ed to be compatable with the average amperage of the cables.

A good quality and “splitter” cable that is longer than the 12V cable and only contains blue and red wires.

There is a risk to use a 22V/0 wire for 12V/24V applications. The ratings are to match 22V/0/14AWG and 12V/24V/7AWG.

Do not simply use the 12V wires for 18V or 16V applications, as the amperage of the cables are completely different.

Please note that the word “Cable” on the product description page does not mean that the cable is “Splitter”.
A “Splitter cable” is a wire that is specifically made for attaching one plug to many wires at


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Logre extraer el contenido de esta página con un axios en laravel.
Les dejo el código para que adapten el como quieran.
axios.get(”+ key +’/’+ query+’&form_id=%d&limit=%d&sort_by=%s&sort_order=%d&items_per_page=%d’)
.then((response) => {
let stringLines =‘
for(let stringLine of stringLines) {
.catch((error) => {
//Do something with your error

By spending a brief period in college football’s preseason, not only do we get a chance to see rising stars, but get to watch a fight for starting positions. It makes us cheer for players we grew up loving, but who weren’t initially thought to be their best bet.

Heading into 2017, Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert was the name on everyone’s mind. So much so that the very first thing you’ll notice on his Wikipedia page is a long list of accolades that



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