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TOL Group’s Projected EPS Per Share Is Unsustainable

Business Tapped to Fulfill TOL’s Takeover by Motorola as Earnings Approach

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. ( — The story behind TOL Group’s “Project Delirium” is a tale that has already been told, but this year is likely to be a better read for shareholders. Motorola, Inc.’s (NYSE: MOT) TOL International is poised

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SAS error when running. duplicating variable name

I’ve recently started using SAS with Mac OS X. When I try and run a macro or any other SAS object, I get an error that states “ERROR: Duplicate variable name attempted.” I think the reason I am getting this error is because my macro is a proc sort and I am using the by statement. However, running this code without the by statement will not produce the error.
Is there a way to resolve this issue?


The rule is that SAS can’t have two variables with the same name.


Understanding Java TreeMap

I am currently working on writing algorithms to solve a particular problem, I have to find the lowest cost path (i.e, the cost of the path is the total cost) using a directed graph.
Here is what I did:
I started off by creating an adjacency matrix:
class Node {
int V, E, cost;
Node[][] graph;
int[][] matrix;

public Node(int n) {
V = n;
E = 0;
cost = 0;

public void setCost(int c) {
cost = c;