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Constructing various functions of n

I’ve been trying to construct various functions like $f(n)=n!$, $g(n)=n^2!$, $h(n)$ is such that: $h(1) = 1$ and for $ n > 1$ $h(n) = \log n $ is there any such thing? I think such a function is a fractal function of n.
Is there any such function? If there is one, is there a parameter which would determine the “life” of such function? Does such a function exist? Does any well known function could be approximated by such functions?


There is a type of function known as fractal functions. Some examples are the Sierpinski triangle and Cantor Dust.
For example, let $f(n)$ be equal to $f^n(0)$. Then:

$f(n)=f^{n-1}(1) + f^{n-2}(2)+…+f^1(n)$

Also, if you write $f(n)=n!$ you can construct a type of fractal known as a Prouhet-Thue-Morse sequence. These can be written as integers written in base $2$: $S_n=S_0S_1…S_{n-1}$ with $S_i=0$ or $S_i=1$.
There are two sequences, $M_n$ and $P_n$.

$M_0=0, M_1=1, M_2=1, M_3=0, M_4=1, M_5=0, M_6=0, M_7=0, M_8=1,…$
$P_0=0, P_1=1, P_2=0, P_3=0, P_4=1, P_5=0, P_6=

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