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Sitting listening to music on my computer while my daughter is sleeping, I realize that she must have woken me up, because suddenly I hear her cry out from the top of her lungs in G-rated language that she was hearing a loud noise. Her voice quiets down a little, but she keeps screaming again. After this, I hear: “Matakeeee, Ma!” “Eee.” “Eee.” And then the (mostly) return to sleep. A: They are probably songs. You’ve been able to hear some of them in your previous questions about playing music in the background. The first is probably “your daughter isn’t sleeping,” “it’s the phone,” or something else like that. Or perhaps a joke. If so, the second is likely something that took place during the previous call, or one of the calls you had made recently (or maybe only one, if you’ve only been on the phone for a minute or two). The next song is a bit of a hybrid, and could easily be part of one song, part of another, or a new song. The last song is likely to be one of a half dozen that I’m sure has been played at one time or another. My guess is that it’s a hymn, but you’ve been on the phone with a kid and you just heard it so I can’t be sure. In all cases, unless the number is one that you’re picking up, the phone won’t be connecting with a number. For example, I don’t have a number for “dialup.” There are all sorts of possibilities, and it’s difficult to figure out unless you can turn off the phone or turn on some sort of detector. A few years ago, a ring tone was registered as an HTTP request. (It was, in fact, a request for a password reset for an old phone.) Luminescent squaraine dyes have been prepared having a substituent on the 2-position of the squaraine ring which will substitute for a proton and form an anion on photo excitation. Such anions have been used as photoinduced electron donors or hole traps in organic light emitting diode (OLED) devices to enhance the emission properties of the devices. Although OLED devices have achieved considerable prominence as a result of their relative ease of fabrication and viewing characteristics, efforts to reduce the cost of preparing and using the devices have not been

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