Solucionario De Estadistica Descriptiva De Rufino Moya Calderon Rapidshare


Solucionario De Estadistica Descriptiva De Rufino Moya Calderon Rapidshare

I want to stop this and do my job, but I am having trouble with the following regex:
import re
regex_string = re.sub(r’@\W*|\W*@’, “”, new_string)

For example, when I run the following code, the result I get is:
Regex with @\W*|\W*@
solucionario de estadistica descriptiva de rufino moya calderon rapidshare@\W*|\W*@

Any ideas of how to make this work, or how to fix the regex in general, would be appreciated.


In Python, strings are sequences so \W*|\W* is the same as @\W*|\W*@. Try re.sub(r’@\W*|\W*@’, ”, new_string) instead.


You can try this one:
import re
regex_string = re.sub(r’@(\w+)’, ”, new_string)

Actually the problem in your regex is that you’ve used a | which means OR in regex.

Analysts are mixed about Tesla’s remaining options, particularly in China

Richard Maxwell | USA TODAY

Show Caption Hide Caption Tesla is gaining ground in China’s electric car market Tesla is gaining ground in China’s electric car market, where the company is looking to replicate the success it’s found in the U.S. with a big push for electric cars.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Tesla Inc. shares are up 16% since the automaker announced last week that it’s the lowest-cost producer of electric cars in the world.

The price moves, however, come amid a bevy of troubling news that’s contributed to shares falling 29% since late last month.

Here’s a look at the stocks that matter as Tesla approaches its annual investor meeting in a couple of weeks.

Tesla — analyst sentiment: Hold

David Hsieh of Macquarie says Tesla (TSLA)’s core business “is in good shape,” but he’s questioning the company’s growth story for the past five years.

“They’ve been projecting the share price to grow by a compound annual rate (CAGR

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