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Inconsistent TypoScript layout frontend

After I went through a upgrade from 1.5 to 2.0 I have this little anomaly. After removing the typo3_log.log file from my old configuration everything worked fine. After the upgrade the log.log file was again added. That of course causes all my settings to start again.
This is a problem because some parts of my site work and some don’t. That’s my question. What is the difference between the old and the new file? Why do I have to add/remove the file each time I make a change?
I hope this is a valid question.


The contents of the typo3_log.log file are not necessarily directly related to config changes of the core, but also to those of custom extensions. As the contents of the logfiles is that date and time dependent and not chronological, one may even wonder how they’re different even within a configuration, especially if in any case you reconfigure your configuration completely.
As you described the situation and what caused it, there are two possible reasons:

The change you made to your site were not detected by TYPO3 as a change to the configuration. This may happen if you make a change within the Page TS configuration of an already existing page, e.g. if you remove an image from it and the page is already rendered. An other approach could be to generate a new static resource while the Page TS configuration is being loaded (e.g. while the URL is being loaded in the backend).
You have made a change to the config which did not

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