Rk Kanodia Signals And Systems Pdf 259

Rk Kanodia Signals And Systems Pdf 259
Rk Kanodia Signals And Systems Pdf 259
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For the first time in any sporting field, a team was sent off to their next match under familiar hairdryer treatment.

Top-quality opponents Greece had no option but to concede the first goal when a referee punished them for a goalkeeping error.

They went on to inflict one of the worst European defeats of the competition as Switzerland – which lost to England on Saturday – won 3-0.

The Greeks had hoped the result would put them ahead of Russia in the race to reach the last 16. The Russians beat Estonia 2-1 in the opening game.

But from the moment the Netherlands eliminated Greece in the semi-final of the 2010 World Cup, the Greek FA have been increasingly vocal in their complaints against the rule.

A switch to dry towels has been mooted. A second kit is also possible if referees believe that goalkeepers are being changed while their kits are still wet.

It is understood that the switch has been discussed at the Football Association’s executive board, but there is still time for the rule to be altered. It is thought to be less than two months before the draw for Euro 2012.

While a switch to dry towels is easy to put in place, changing goalkeepers while the kit is still damp would be more difficult and is also not thought to be a good idea.

Some World Cup officials believe the problem of replays during major tournaments is exaggerated and would like to see no more than one or two per match.

Unlike the Olympics, which are held every four years, there is only a once-in-a-generation opportunity to host the World Cup – Brazil did so in the 1950s and Spain the 2010s.

Possibly aware that any change would cause more controversy than wet towels, the FA have no immediate plans to alter the rule on goalkeepers changing kits.

What do you think? Is it acceptable for referees to change goalkeepers so soon before a match? Should there be no more replays? Leave your comments below.

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