A: It is (was) standard practice on Linux installations on hard drives to put them at the end of the disk. So you can no longer read the beginning of that disk. To correct this, you need to look for a utility that will reposition the head to the start of the disk. Q: Is it ok to put an apple tree in full sun in order to force it to bud in early spring? I have a smallish (2m wide) outdoor bed in my garden (well, in the raised bed in the front, but…) that has some rocks and various other growing things. I’m in zone 8b UK and would like to grow some apple trees in it, but it’s all full sun. Should I be afraid to put an apple tree in full sun? Or does it make no difference, and will they all make good fruit anyway? A: You can grow apples in full sun, though they should get at least four to six hours of partial shade in order to avoid cracking, or what’s known as sunscald. There are a few different varieties that are known to do well in full sun, but not all. More important than that, I think, is that your plants can adapt. As long as they don’t die from the heat, they will be fine. I had a few apples growing in my full sun garden, but they weren’t very good for eating due to their tendency to crack and they turned out to be smaller than “normal” apples. 130 Ga. App. 32 (1973) 202 S.E.2d 441 FOREMAN v. THE STATE. 48272. Court of Appeals of Georgia. Submitted September 5, 1973. Decided December 5, 1973. H. D. Reynolds, Jr., for appellant. Lewis R. Slaton, District Attorney, Carter Goode, Joel M. Feldman, for appellee. DEEN, Presiding Judge. The defendant appeals from a conviction of the offense of burglary in that he is alleged to have entered a store building with the intent to commit theft. Held: The State concedes that it failed to prove the *33 breaking and entering and is in fact relying on the warrant of arrest as evidence of the defendant’s criminal intent. However, the State also seeks to show by direct evidence that the defendant was the burglar. The

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