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The AutoCAD feature set expands as new technologies emerge and as existing capabilities are enhanced, so AutoCAD is available in a variety of versions, depending on the specific user needs.

The latest version of AutoCAD 2019 available today is AutoCAD 2019, which is also known as AutoCAD LT 2019. This article discusses AutoCAD LT 2019 and its feature set. Also, see the article about the new AutoCAD 2019 desktop and mobile apps.

Earlier, an earlier version of AutoCAD was released as AutoCAD 2017. Later, AutoCAD 2017 was replaced with AutoCAD LT 2017. Later still, in September 2017, the last version of AutoCAD 2017 was released as AutoCAD LT 2017 r20. Earlier versions of AutoCAD are discussed in our article, “AutoCAD: History and features.”

AutoCAD is a CAD application and data preparation and display software. Among the features of AutoCAD are 2D and 3D drawing, 3D model display, technical writing, and printing. A popular alternative to AutoCAD is Microstation.

AutoCAD LT 2019 and its features

The latest version of AutoCAD LT 2019 is an upgrade of the current version of AutoCAD LT 2018. It includes some new features. For more information, see the AutoCAD LT 2019 release notes.

AutoCAD LT 2019 has the following feature set, according to the 2019 release notes:

2D drafting with drawing creation and editing

import and export to DWG and DXF formats

technical drawing (for example, MEP and BIM)

3D drafting (including full-featured 3D model display)

“Dynamic” type display for 3D models

3D model-dependent technical writing

AutoCAD LT 2019 is a free-to-use commercial application. It is available as a Windows desktop application, as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, and as a web app. The desktop and mobile apps are free, and the web app is available for a subscription fee.

The 2019 version of AutoCAD LT features the following optional licensing programs, according to the 2019 release notes:

No. of licenses Basic 25 Advanced 50

AutoCAD LT 2019 can be used on up to five PC or Mac computers (Windows 10 or macOS 10.13.1 or later

AutoCAD 19.1 X64 2022 [New]

Programming languages
AutoCAD has two programming languages: AutoLISP and Visual LISP.

AutoLISP is an alternative scripting language to Visual Basic and ObjectARX. It is a stack-based language, which means that the parameters being passed to a function can only be pushed onto the stack one at a time, rather than in a single stack-wide push. AutoLISP provides a similar structure to BASIC, but with a number of language extensions which provide direct control of the underlying Windows API. AutoLISP was developed in the 1980s and is no longer supported.

Visual LISP is a visual development environment for AutoLISP. It is released with the 2013 version of AutoCAD. It provides a visual interface for all aspects of AutoLISP programming including interaction with a variety of the AutoCAD interfaces. It provides a number of constructs such as indenting, callbacks, anonymous functions, loops, lists, dictionaries, events, graphically building classes and invoking classes. Visual LISP is based on the VCL, the visual development environment of the Tcl language. AutoLISP code can be imported and executed in Visual LISP.

AutoCAD also has support for the.NET platform..NET is a.NET Framework which is fully integrated into Windows. It allows C# and Visual Basic programmers to write program extensions, which can be run from within AutoCAD. AutoCAD supports.NET for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. AutoCAD supports.NET for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

The NetLISP extensions for AutoCAD allow.NET applications to be written in AutoLISP. They support integration with the AutoCAD object model. NetLISP allows code written in AutoLISP to be run within an AutoCAD application.

Visual Studio integration

AutoCAD supports code integration with Microsoft Visual Studio using the Visual Studio Add-In. Visual Studio can also be used to create AutoCAD macros. Visual Studio integration was available in AutoCAD 2000, but with new functionality introduced in AutoCAD 2013 this functionality has been enhanced. Visual Studio integration was discontinued in AutoCAD 2016.

AutoCAD DXF file format
AutoCAD supports two file formats, DWG and DXF. DWG (Drawing Interchange Format) is a

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What’s New in the?

In addition to Import, you can now also import/export any of your shapes, objects, and annotation items.

Use the Markup Assist feature to send and get feedback in formats that are supported by the application, including paper, PDF, PostScript, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Showcase and Animation Tools:

Edit and manage your drawings with greater ease. You can now send your drawings to your AutoCAD account and access and manage them from your account anywhere you have a web browser.

Create and edit multiple layers at the same time.

Manage and edit all of your layers at once with the Showcase tool.

See all of your layers at once in the Layer Control Panel.

Modify and manage layers by moving, resizing, rotating, and deforming them.

Use the Animation tool to watch the evolution of your drawings over time.

Multiple Select:

Quickly select multiple objects and parts of the model.

Parts of the model that you select with the Multiple Select tool are captured as an independent layer.

Now you can apply effects to your selections, including basic fill, line style, and line color.

Saving Space:

Space Management tools help you to get more drawings on screen, and to better manage your drawings by freeing up more memory.

Scale and rotate drawings to make them fit on the screen.

Drawings can now be scaled to any specified percent of the size of the original drawing.

You can now use the Scale function with objects and drawings.

You can set a drawing to appear larger or smaller on the canvas in the Viewport.

You can also use the Reduce Zoom option to create drawings that are easier to work with.

Faster and Easier Drawing:

Automatically align imported and exported shapes.

You can now align imported or exported shapes or place references directly onto the canvas.

You can now connect imported or exported parts to other imported or exported parts.

Save your shapes and annotations as one object or group.

Choose from multiple line types, including dashed lines, dotted lines, and curves.

Change line widths easily, by typing in numbers.

Set line widths from different units.

Use the Text to Path tool to turn text

System Requirements:

* 512 MB of RAM
* 16 MB video RAM
* 256 MB available hard disk space
* Windows Vista 32-bit or newer
* For installation, Windows Vista may require a minimum of 4 GB of free space on the drive containing Windows Vista.
For 64-bit Windows 7 users:
Additional hardware requirements:
* 64-bit processor
* 2 GB of available RAM (4 GB if dual-booting with Windows XP)
* 2 GB of available hard disk space (4 GB if dual