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The unofficial Black Ops 2 mission pack, “The Strike Team”, is now available for download. Date Added: 17. May, 2016. If you want to play offline you can use blackops 1 zombies, I like this multiplayer mode, but From: Alans. I want to play Black Ops 2 Zombies offline on my PC. I already.. Why can’t you play it offline? From: Don. I installed the first Black Ops on my PC from a CD and it started the offline game but I could only see the intro movie. From: Michael. I have the black ops 2 saga and the zombies add-on and I just got black ops 1 from steam, how do I launch the offline zoms. From: Matt. How do you download the full, non-pirated version of Black Ops 2 on your PC? From: Gordon. I’m downloading the game for the. Played Black Ops 1 zombies a few years ago and wanted to play it again, but I can’t seem to play offline on the PC. From: Rick. Will Black Ops 2 work in offline mode, or only online? From: Jeff. How would I go about downloading Black Ops 2 offline so I can play the offline Zombies game? From: Benny. i already downloaded black ops 2 from steam but i cant play offline coz i can only see black ops 1 zombies and black ops 2 multiplayer in my options without the zombies game From: Jer. I have Black Ops 2 installed but when i click the “Black Ops 2” icon it opens up the Black Ops 1 Multiplayer, How do I fix the problem. From: Brad. I already downloaded Black Ops 2 and it started the first step you do before it loads up the launcher and I cant seem to play the zombies mission with. From: Kyle. I already downloaded Black Ops 2, I installed it and when I click the icon it loads the Black Ops 1 Multiplayer, I cant seem to play zombies. From: Brian. I just installed Black Ops 2 on my PC. I downloaded Black Ops 2 but it just loads up the Black Ops 1 Multiplayer after I click the icon. I want to play the zombies mission. From: Sabine. I already purchased Black Ops 2 and the copy of Zombies Map was in its original format, How do I install it to have the offline that. From: Young. I have the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and I started the first step and it said I couldn

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