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If you’re in a hurry, please see the chapter title “Saving and Exporting a Photo for Web and Email” later in this chapter for a quick video tutorial on how to use Photoshop’s basic functions. You can do much more than just create images in Photoshop. You can use the program to work with existing images, create outlines and shapes, and add text. You can incorporate art direction into your Photoshop projects and then export any projects that you’ve created into other applications like Flash and InDesign. Figure 5-1 displays a typical Photoshop document setup. Illustrations by Wiley, Composition by Jody Smith **Figure 5-1:** Images stored in a Photoshop document. Understanding Photoshop’s workspace Photoshop can run in either a basic window-based editing environment or a full screen editing environment — although the latter is usually used only by advanced users. In the standard window-based environment, you have a four-step Process toolbar at the bottom of the document window. You also have various tools and sliders in the Toolbox palette, the main Photoshop window toolbar (located at the top of the window), and the Information palette, which automatically displays all relevant tool and setting information. Figure 5-2 shows an image cropped and rotated in the document window. **Figure 5-2:** The basic working environment in Photoshop. Illustrations by Wiley, Composition by Jody Smith If you click the toolbox in the lower-right corner of the Photoshop window, the document window expands to show all of the tools and settings in the current toolbox. Figure 5-3 shows the expanded toolbox with the Rotate tool active. A drop-down menu to the right of the document window contains a list of all tools available at this moment in time. **Figure 5-3:** The expanded toolbox. Photoshop provides a two-step workspace. The first step is usually an image that you add to the workspace, and the second step is the adjustments that you make. In the following sections, you explore the various Photoshop tools. Basic tools Photoshop offers the following tools: Layers panel: Click any tool in the toolbar to access the Layers panel, where you can find tools to organize your layers. You can also add and delete layers using these tools. Blending modes: The tools in the Blending panel (refer to Figure

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In this article, we will be going through the 10 essential Photoshop Elements editing skills which you should know before you learn the advanced features of Photoshop. 10 Skills For Photoshop Elements In Photoshop Elements, digital manipulations are performed on layers. We can crop, resize, rotate, flip, warp, etc the images on the layers. In Photoshop, the tools are not layer-based and create the result on the whole image. You must know how to manipulate the layers to perfect your work. Image Edits Layer by layer If you are going to edit your graphics using the Photoshop Elements, you need to have a basic knowledge of layers. Layers are an important concept while working in Photoshop Elements. Image Editing Layers In Photoshop Elements, Photoshop state filters are filters you apply to your images. In Photoshop Elements, we can apply state filters to images. You can create new state filters or edit the existing ones. Image Editing State Filters In Photoshop, filters are the blue window. You can add a filter on a layer. You can use the filter and apply it to every image or only to the layer. You can create different state filters for every image or for the selected image. You can make the filter more effective by increasing its opacity or resizing it. Image Editing Layer States In Photoshop, we can edit the states as well as create new ones. You can change the Color, Radial, Size, Tint, etc. Creating New State Filter When you wish to create a new state filter, you need to start with a new state. You can create a new state by applying the Color Correction Filter. Deleting State Filter When you create new states, you can remove the existing state by using the Layer Masks. Image Editing Layers States In Photoshop, we can use a combination of filters and layers to create a new image. You can apply a filter to a layer or several layers. Adding and Removing Layers Adding and removing layers are the process of adding and subtracting image layers from the image. You can use these layers to resize, crop, or edit text. Adding Layer and deleting Layers Layers are used to create new images. You must learn to add layers as well as remove them from images. Layers are the important component which helps create a new image in Photoshop. Image a681f4349e

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