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In most cases, Photoshop’s layers are useful for editing the entire image (such as color layers) rather than only parts of an image (for example, changes to a mask or layer). Photoshop has many useful features, including layers, adjustment layers, multiple selection tool, numerous brush and mask tools, selections, filters, layers, and so on, as well as powerful commands that give you the ability to create macros or automate the editing of an image. In this book, I introduce these features, helping you understand how to use them effectively and well and how to apply them to images that you may have available to you. Photoshop also has a robust plug-in architecture for expanding its functionality. I discuss plug-ins in Chapter 18. Photoshop is a very powerful, expensive image-editing program, and this book will help you get the most out of it. ## About Adobe Photoshop CS6 Earlier versions of Photoshop were referred to as the Painter program, originally because it was geared toward retouching images, adding and removing parts of photos. The name changed to Photoshop when the program was renamed to include more editing and retouching capabilities. You can upgrade from older versions of Photoshop, and most owners, particularly those working in the art industry, did exactly that. The newer version of Photoshop, CS6, is an example of creative, rather than technical, thinking. It’s not just about the application itself, but also about the web, mobile, and digital painting platforms. Photoshop was first released in 1992, and was then called MacDraw. It originally ran on the Macintosh operating system and was only available for a Macintosh. The early versions were simple to use and they introduced a slew of features, including layers, adjustments, gradients, and transitions that are now part of the standard Photoshop editing. However, I did not own or use a Macintosh myself back in those days. It wasn’t until many years later that I started to convert images to Photoshop, so I had no direct experience with early versions of Photoshop.

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For those who are ready to become Photoshop experts, you can get the professional version of Adobe Photoshop for just $17.95 at Amazon with free shipping. Editor’s note: This post is from Jeremy Horejsi who now lives in Bangkok. For more on Jeremy and his career in the U.S., click here. Part 1: The Elements Image: Jeremy Horejsi Elements is an affordable alternative to traditional Photoshop, and is designed for beginners to stay motivated. It comes with a really easy-to-use interface with lots of tutorials built in. Part 2: The Basics Elements has a manual zoom feature where you can zoom in and out and change the resolution of the image. Here are all the basics of the program. Part 3: The Basics Let’s start with the basic tools. Image: Jeremy Horejsi The first thing you’ll notice is that the program is almost completely different to Photoshop. Elements doesn’t have an action bar, a history panel, a floating toolbox, a tool palette, or many of the other features that are found in the real Photoshop. Instead, it has a large toolbar with different programs, filters, and effects, including a few sliders. It’s designed to be simple, easy to use, and have no distractions. Image: Jeremy Horejsi Image: Jeremy Horejsi The program has a large canvas where you can edit your images. Image: Jeremy Horejsi Image: Jeremy Horejsi You can use the standard tool icons such as the eraser tool, pencil tool, and the selection tool to make changes to your images. Image: Jeremy Horejsi You can also use the text tool to edit text in your images, which is useful for making titles, descriptions, or even creating memes. Image: Jeremy Horejsi You can also use the Clone Stamp tool, which will copy pixels from the canvas and add them to another location. Image: Jeremy Horejsi Image: Jeremy Horejsi Image: Jeremy Horejsi There is also a variety of special effects. Image: Jeremy Horejsi Image: Jeremy Horejsi Image: Jeremy Horejsi Image: Jeremy Horejsi a681f4349e

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