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# **Steps to Achieve Perfect Photo Retouching** Photoshop enables you to see your photo composition through a whole different vision. When retouching a photo, you not only touch up the aspects that are obvious, but you also use selective editing to improve the subject. Some of the tools that you use to perform the editing are the Eraser, Adjustment Layers, and Spot Healing Brush. The rest of this chapter explains how to use these tools to create your own unique photographic style.

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Photoshop has many editing and production tools which may seem like a time waster, but it’s actually the only way to learn how to apply professional skills to everyday images. In this Photoshop elements tutorial, we will provide you with a brief and detailed guide of some of the major tools Photoshop has to offer you. You will learn how to: Open and resize photos Expose/recove the subject with focus Add light to photos Sketch photos Add blur to photos Exaggerate the look of photos Replace colors with gradients Apply effects to photos Insert shapes and text Make creative images from scratch Make collages Adjust the brightness of your photos Add a gradient Format photos Apply typography Make and edit web graphics Create new HTML, CSS, PSD, and SVG files So, let’s get started learning how to edit and make creative images with Photoshop Elements! Elements Tasks Use the following Photoshop Elements tasks and functions to learn how to edit images effectively: Open File: To open a Photoshop file or any folder with images, click File > Open. Click Select a file option to import a specific file from the computer’s hard drive. Alternatively, you can select an image file from an external memory card, memory stick, or digital camera. Resize Images: To resize an image, click the Image Size icon in the editing window. Drag and release to set the size. Adjust Exposure: The Add exposure slider is for setting the exposure of a photo. The slider adjusts the brightness of a photo, from 0% to 100%. Position the dial from the left to reveal a range of brightness in the photo. Exposure: The Exposure icon is used for changing an image’s Exposure. You can change the Exposure by choosing an adjustment layer from the menu. It also allows you to use other adjustment tools on it. Increase Exposure: The Exposure enlarges or brightens a photo. Decrease Exposure: The Exposure reduces or darkens a photo. Adjust color: Use the Curves adjustment layer to adjust the brightness and contrast of your image. Adjust color: To change color settings, choose a Curves adjustment layer. Set the curves using the sliders and controls to adjust the photo’s brightness and contrast. The colors are brightened or darkened a681f4349e

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There are a variety of different Brush Types. The most common of which are: Radial: A brush which draws around a central point. This is useful for covering a circular area. Smooth: A brush that draws a smooth line from point A to B. Spherical: A brush which draws a spherical line. Paint Bucket: A brush that leaves a painting effect. Angle:

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Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 8GB of RAM 1.4GB of free disk space DirectX 9 For optimal performance, ensure that you have DirectX 9.0c installed. In order to use the TpT Droid Units, you will need to purchase the base application. This application is free for the first three units. The application allows you to create your own characters, battle against one another, purchase advanced upgrades for your unit and units from the client. Additional Terms of Service