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GeoVision Watermark Proof Crack License Code & Keygen Free

Small and simple, GeoVision Watermark Proof is the ideal software tool for checking the video recording authenticity of GeoVision cameras. This freeware is compatible with GeoVision IP cameras and does not require any other third party applications to function properly.

All in one video recorder
The free utility offers you multiple features for video recording analysis. With its basic functions, it can be used as a video recorder and a video editor at the same time.
Among the numerous functions of this application, you can find the following:
• Previews: the application allows you to visually analyze the recorded videos;
• Timeline: it is a feature enabling you to see your recordings in the order they were recorded;
• Preview: it is the application’s most basic function and, for this reason, it can be used as a video recorder and a video editor at the same time;
• Pause/Resume: you can pause the recorded playback and resume it later, should you so wish to.
Graphical interface
The application’s graphical interface is composed of a single window that features a blurred glass pane that displays the frames of your recorded video and a panel that contains the list of videos you can use to retrieve the current frame from the recorded file. By clicking on the corresponding button, the application will retrieve the next frame from the current video.
User-friendly settings
Another impressive feature of GeoVision Watermark Proof is its convenient user-friendly settings.

You can check the settings easily with the help of the so-called Configuration option and its many categories, including:

• Timer: here you can define the length of the time you wish to pause the video recording and/or the playback
• Actions: this tab allows you to set the actions you wish to execute after each playback. For example, you can choose to rotate the video
• Watermark: this setting is invaluable for GeoVision Watermark Proof, since it allows you to define the corresponding watermark for the images captured by your camera. In addition, you can enable the corresponding watermark option in the video recording (using the Editor tab).
File format support
GeoVision Watermark Proof offers support for the following image file formats:
• Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)


System requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1

How To install

1) Install the free

GeoVision Watermark Proof With License Key Download (2022)

Watermark Proof is the most advanced video watermarking software in the market. It is really easy to use. It is designed for the user who would like to add or remove watermark and record the video in the original format.
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GeoVision Watermark Proof Crack + License Code & Keygen

GeoVision Watermark Proof

If you handle numerous video recordings captured with your GeoVision IP camera, you probably need a way to check their authenticity. The best course of action in this situation is to use specialized software, such as GeoVision Watermark Proof, which can help you achieve quick, favorable results.

Effortless installation

You can set this application on your computer without hassle since you do not need to perform any complex configuration steps.

During installation, you are only required to define a valid destination directory on your computer, since the rest of the process is performed automatically, without your assistance.

Simplistic interface

GeoVision Watermark Proof integrates a fairly simplistic user interface that packs a few functions, thus proving itself to be rather accessible to numerous users, regardless of their previous experience with similar software.

Most of its controls can be easily accessed by browsing the menus and selecting the corresponding option, according to your preferences. You can also display a rudimentary configuration pane that can help you adjust a few parameters.

Check video recordings’ authenticity

You can turn to this application if you need an effective way to analyze recordings captured with your GeoVision IP cameras and verify their authenticity.

In order to perform this task, you need to provide the application with a suitable file from your computer by either clicking the folder-shaped button on the toolbar or choosing the Open option under the File menu. The application checks the authenticity of your video recordings by analyzing their corresponding watermarks.

Additionally, you can play recorded videos directly from the utility, as well as jump to the first frame or view the video in a frame-by-frame manner.

Lightweight video recording authenticity validator

All things considered, GeoVision Watermark Proof is a handy application that can help you check the authenticity of your GeoVision IP camera recordings. It can be installed on your PC with minimum efforts, packs a minimalistic interface and its functions are intuitive, thus accessible for a broad range of users.

GeoVision Watermark Proof Features

Here are some of the primary features that can help you work with GeoVision Watermark Proof:

Instant video recordings manipulation:

You can use the application to manipulate recorded videos with a few simple clicks.

You can set the desired frame rate, skip the frames or speed up the speed of the video.

You can get back to the first frame, last frame or adjust the video’s brightness

What’s New in the GeoVision Watermark Proof?

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System requirements:


Windows® 95 or later

CPU: 2 GHz Pentium III, AMD AthlonXP Processor

Pentium III 1.0 GHz or faster, AMD AthlonXP Processor 1.0 GHz or faster


Win98 (SP2)

Hard disk: 15 MB free disk space

Language: English


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