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Note You can also find Photoshop tutorials on the Internet that cover similar topics. The Photoshop Classes page at lists several such videos. * **Adding Effects**. Photoshop contains more than 600 _effects_. These are filters, including gradients and textures, that you can apply to the image. You can use any of them, although some are designed primarily for specific purposes. Effects can add more interest to the image, give it a special look, or change how it appears when printed. You can apply them in ways that are similar to what you would do in traditional image-editing programs. You can also create unique effects using the Photoshop tools (such as those in Chapters 14 and 20). The book’s DVD contains tutorials on these effects and more. * **Printing**. You can edit your image to prepare it for printing. You can also choose the type of paper and the color, white, and other printing options. The book’s DVD provides some initial steps for printing.

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Starting off, go to your system preferences and add Adobe Photoshop elements to your applications. For Windows users: Right click on the Photoshop icon and go to “Properties”. A shortcut is then added to your desktop (usually C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Elements 12) and a shortcut to the program is made in your Start Menu. For Mac users: Simply go to the application icon in your applications folder and right-click on it. A shortcut is then added to your desktop (usually C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Elements 12). Installing Photoshop elements on Windows Windows 10, 8, 7 and 6 compatible: 1. Open the desktop shortcut by clicking on it. 2. Select “Control Panel” and click on “Programs and Features”. 3. Highlight “Adobe Photoshop Elements” and click on “Change”. 4. Restart your computer. 5. To access the program, locate it in your start menu. Installing Photoshop elements on Mac If you are using a MacOS version prior to the Mavericks (10.9), you should use the “Long” version of the installer file. You can find the application here: If you are using macOS 10.9 or later versions, you should use the “Short” version of the installer file. You can find the application here: Note: – Long version: Photoshop Elements for Mac is compatible with macOS 10.5 and later. – Short version: Photoshop Elements for Mac is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 or later. Using Photoshop elements to edit and create images in your computer 1. Copy the folder you need on your desktop (usually C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Elements 12). 2. Open an image in Photoshop elements using the following steps: a. Open Photoshop Elements b. Click on the icon you copied on your desktop and find “Open.” c. Find the image you wish to a681f4349e

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