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* **Selecting a different object** : Unlike most other image-editing programs, Photoshop offers a menu command for any object in a given image, including other layers. To select an object, choose Edit** ⇒ **Layers** or, from the main menu, choose Edit** ⇒ **Layers**. Photoshop displays the Layers panel, showing a selection handle in the upper-left corner for any layer you select (Figure 10-1, image courtesy of Adobe Inc.”). Figure 10-1. The Layers panel in Photoshop is divided into two panels. The top panel is used for selecting layers—and other things. The bottom panel is used for arranging them. The dark gray area at the bottom of the Layers panel represents the original image. The white box in the upper-left corner of the layer window is the selection handle, which you can drag up or down to select a different part of the image.

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The most important task of a photo editor is to improve the images. In this article, we will see how to improve images with Photoshop In Photoshop, we can automatically improve photos. This article gives instructions for improving photos automatically. Steps to improve photos in Photoshop without Photoshop Elements 1. Select the photo you want to improve with Photoshop 1. Open the photo in Photoshop 2. Select the photo in the Photoshop file. 2. In the top toolbar, click on the Enhance… button. 3. After clicking on the Enhance… button, check the Auto Detect menu. If it is selected, it will detect the best settings automatically. 4. You can now preview the images. 5. You will see the settings of the image. The settings of the image are displayed on the right side of the image. Photo Suite – Photo Fix Photo Suite – Photo Fix improves your photos by removing dust, dirt, and scratches from the camera. It can also convert colors automatically. First, all your photos will be found in the selected location. From these, you will select the first photo. After pressing the OK button, the selected photo will be displayed on the left hand. Here, you can select how you want to remove dust, dirt, and scratches and then click the OK button. After opening Photo Suite, click on the Tools tab and click on Photo Fix. You will see more details and options here. Now, click on the Reset button, and your photos will be improved without changing the settings. Settings panel After choosing the size, you will see an option that says Fix colors. This option will automatically fix the colors of your photos. Auto Fix option Now, you can select the Auto option, which will use the auto function to improve the photos. This will check all the photos by using the physical area of the photo. After improving the photos, you can click on the OK button to close the panel. Tools panel The next step is to click on the Tools panel. This will improve the scratches and lightening. Click on the Scratch and Vignette tabs to improve the small areas of the picture. Click on the Spot Healing option to eliminate the small spots on the photo. Click on the Smudge tool a681f4349e

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