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* **The Essentials** (``) offers step-by-step lessons on using Photoshop basics to create, transform, and manipulate images.
* **Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essentials** (``) offers hands-on advice that covers getting started, text, shapes, and working with layers.
* **Photoshop for Dummies** (``) teaches the basics of Photoshop’s layers, selections, and masks, along with topics such as page layouts, filters, effects, and layers.

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Photoshop Elements was originally designed for people who were new to the world of digital imaging, as a quick-to-learn replacement for something like Paintbrush. It was designed to help you get better-looking photos and artwork by working with specific tasks.

Adobe Photoshop Elements for Graphics

• Create and manipulate graphics, images and 2D designs.

• Enhance photos to make them stand out.

• Edit photos to change the look of specific areas, like faces or scenery.

• Combine photos into a collage or sticker.

• Convert images into different file formats.

• Work with selected area tools.

• Use the Liquify tool for textured fills, smudges and wrinkles.

• Use the Magic Wand tool to click and fix unwanted objects.

• Use the Spot Healing Brush tool for pixel-by-pixel editing.

• Use the Puppet Warp tool for textured crops and adjustments.

• Use the Content-Aware Fill tool for adding missing elements.

• Edit and enhance video, audio and movie clips.

• Fix photo problems and exposures.

• Enhance digital images for print.

• Adjust brightness, contrast, and color.

• Export images as JPEGs.

• Remove red-eye or other image problems.

• Apply creative filters and effects.

• Correct images for orientation.

• Run photo effects.

• Schedule photo editing.

• Schedule photo printing.

• Take other actions.

If you are looking to learn about all the functions you can perform with Photoshop, you’ve arrived at the right place! Use the helpful guides below to learn about all the tools you can use in the program.

Use the various tools

The essential tools to learn about in Photoshop Elements are:

• The Brush tool

• The Lasso tool

• The Magic Wand tool

• The Rectangular Marquee tool

• The Selection tool

• The Photo Merge tool

• The Blend tool

• The Content-Aware Fill tool

• The Spot Healing Brush tool

• The Puppet Warp tool

• The Object Tracking tool

• The 3D tool

The Brush tool

The Brush tool is Photoshop Elements’ most versatile tool. It allows you to paint on a photo, create brushes, and paint a photo

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What’s New In?

The Clone Stamp Tool (second from left)

The Eraser allows you to erase and remove selected areas of an image.

Brush Tool

The Brush allows you to paint on an image.

Brush Tools

Using the Brush Tool makes it possible to paint on images, or even create and paint new layers.

Different kinds of brushes allow you to create different effects.

New brush types

The Eraser

The Eraser is very useful for removing unwanted color or areas of a photo. You can even use it to create patterns or text.

The Undo and Redo buttons are usually placed on the top-left corner of the image to help you work easily on your image, by easily recalling previous steps.

The History panel also helps to remember the steps you have already performed. You can go back to an image step by step by selecting it, and pressing the History button. You can also undo the last few steps, or the last one, by clicking the Redo button.

In the History panel, each step is represented by a tab, including the current selected step. To go back to an older step, click the tab that represents the step you want to go back to.

The 3D panel (only available in Photoshop Elements) allows you to choose in real-time the type of 3D effect you want to use.

The 3D panel is divided into 6 tabs : Warp, Perspective, Lights, Materials, Transform and a Bottom tab. You can choose the 3D effect of your choice, for example, wiggle it around in 3D space, and even apply it as a layer.

The 3D options

The 3D Options allow you to tweak the 3D effect. You can choose which way you want to 3D, the position of the 3D icon, the texturing options, and even options like the size and strength of the effect.

The 3D Effects lets you choose the type of 3D you want to use.

The 3D Effects panel

The 3D Effect panel offers a variety of interesting options. You can choose the type of 3D you want to use: Material 3D, Transfer 3D, Warp 3D, and Transform 3D. You can also choose the type of 3D icon you want to use, the size and transparency of the 3D icon, the number of levels of the 3D effect, and a

System Requirements:

64 bit or 32 bit.
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon XP 2500+ processor.
Windows XP, Vista, or 7.
2GB RAM minimum, 3GB recommended.
1024 x 768 or higher resolution display.
Sound card (a virtual CD-ROM drive)
You will need a copy of your game serial code from your previous purchase, or log in to your EA account and go to your EA Account Menu, then My EA Account, then Purchases, then My Downloads, then Serial Code