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1. **Bring in your images.** If you have multiple images, you have to open each one in Photoshop. If you have only one image, skip to Step 3. I’ve highlighted some common steps to follow. 2. **Select the Brush tool and create a new brush.** Use the Images/Brush dialog box to create an ordinary drawing brush. You’ll learn more about brushes in the next chapter. 3. **Load an image from your computer.** 4. **Click the Lock Photo button in the Layers panel.** 5. **Move the image to the Brush tool’s Options bar (Window) by holding down the Shift key and clicking the image’s thumbnail.** 6. **When you’re done, click inside the image thumbnail in the Layers panel to deselect the image.** In the next chapter, you’ll learn about layers, which are Adobe’s way of organizing images. Layers allow you to turn one photo into multiple ones — or hide them altogether. For now, just concentrate on the initial step. 7. **If necessary, zoom in or out to fit the image within the frame of your workspace.** 8. **Click the Shuffle Layers button (top left of the Layers panel; Figure 10-5) to shuffle the image’s layers.** The layers in the image stack quickly. Figure 10-3 shows the result. FIGURE 10-3: Click the Shuffle Layers button to easily move the image’s layers on and off the canvas. If you’re working with multiple images, you may get the impression that you’re looking at a stack of layers that are all basically the same size. That’s not the case. In Figure 10-4, I’ve created separate layers for each image in the book’s JPEG file and dragged them across the layer panel from the image that’s currently selected. The top layer is the document background, which is transparent. The bottom-most layer is that of the first image in the book, and the next layer down is the second image’s layer. The next step is to adjust the attributes of each layer. The easiest way to do this is to do all the editing on a single image. If, however, you want to edit each image in the stack individually, jump to the next section, “Moving and Copying Layers,” which explains how to

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For Mac users, Photoshop Elements 13 comes with the new “Layer Comps” feature, to make working with images easier. In the past, if you needed to modify a layer of an image, you would need to go to the original image file and save the changes before reapplying the changes to the modified layer. This isn’t ideal, as it is inconvenient, time consuming, and can be difficult if you are working on a large image. With Layer Comps, you can create similar looking layers to edit any one of the layers of an image, without needing to save the original image, which means you can make changes to different layers of the image at the same time and have them all be applied at once. It also now includes adobe XD a new development platform built from scratch specifically for creative professionals. Adobe XD has been built from the ground up to provide users with rapid development and prototyping experiences for UI, web and mobile apps. It provides users with an intuitive, touch-based IDE. Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and all their other Mac graphics apps are available to purchase from the Mac App Store. If you want to learn how to create great images like a pro, you will find the Photoshop Elements app is an easy one to learn and a simple one to use. Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 tutorial show you how to: Use the Camera Raw Filter Learn Photoshop Elements 13 workspaces and create your own Learn how to use Photoshop Elements 13 layers Learn how to use Photoshop Elements 13 tools and keyboard shortcuts For more information about Photoshop Elements 13, please go here. 1) Open the photo. Click the file in Finder. The photo opens in Photoshop Elements 13. 2) Choose File » New. There is now a new image in the Image Bin. 3) Click File » New. It opens in Photoshop Elements 13 for the second time. 4) Drag the photo into the Photoshop Elements 13 window. 5) Click File » New. The photo opens in Photoshop Elements 13, and a new image in the Image Bin. 6) Click File » New. It opens the photo for the third time in Photoshop Elements 13. 7) Click File » New. In the Elements 13 window, you will see there is a fourth image. 05a79cecff

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ation is the same as for formation of *R*~3.5~. Thus, the performance was significantly decreased with expansion of the defects. This decrease in performance can be related to the increase in defect density, which hinders the energy transfer. The high frequency performance and the other performance parameters are well with the predictions of model. The results demonstrate that electromagnetic properties of a graphene layer used to have no significant impact on the performance. An important parameter to consider for the design of capacitors is the value of leakage current. As seen in [Figure 7](#materials-11-01592-f007){ref-type=”fig”}, the leakage current increases with the increase of the defects. Therefore, to keep low leakage current, the number of graphene layers should be well controlled. 4. Conclusions {#sec4-materials-11-01592} ============== In this work, the effects of the defects and different graphene layers on electromagnetic properties of the graphene used as capacitive interconnects were investigated. The increase in the defects reduced the capacitance of the capacitor. The graphene layer had no significant effect on the capacitance. The leakage current increased with the increase in defect density. In the same defects density, smaller the thickness of the graphene layer, less the leakage current. Finally, a model for the resistor was built to analyze the performance of the capacitor. Compared with the circuit model, the predicted performance was in excellent agreement. This research was funded by the School of Engineering and Technology, Southeastern University. Conceptualization, C.H.; Formal analysis, C.H., D.D., and S.M.; Funding acquisition, F.C.; Investigation, C.H. and S.Z.; Methodology, C.H.; Writing–original draft, C.H., C.Z., D.D., and S.M.; Writing–review & editing, F.C. This research received no external funding. The authors declare no conflict of interest. ![(**a**) Schematic diagram of the capacitor composed of an interdigital capacitor; (**b**) top view of the capacitor; (**c**) cross section view of the capacitor with the graphene layer.](materials-11-01592-g001){#materials-11-01592-f001} ![Measured and simulated capacitance–defects density

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FAQ: Q: How do I save my settings? A: 1. Press MENU, select MENU, then select SAVE. 2. Select SAVE FOR WINDOWS, SAVE FOR MAC, or SAVE FOR LINUX. Q: Where is the “Protection” button? A: Click on the “Protection” button to deselect protection. It will be on your right. Q: How do I save my settings for individual games? A: Right click on the game you want to protect