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Photo Editing Software for Specific Uses

You should know that Photoshop is not the only program in which you can work. Keep in mind that if your goal is to edit your photos for a specific use, a specialized program may be better.

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Read this post about the advantages and disadvantages of Photoshop vs Photoshop Elements, and decide for yourself whether you want to pay for Photoshop or use Photoshop Elements.

Which version of Photoshop do I have?

You can easily identify the version of Photoshop you have just by looking at your license:

If you can’t see “CS” on your license, it means that you don’t have the option to upgrade your license.

Adobe Photoshop Elements does have the option to upgrade your license, so you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

Adobe Photoshop Elements vs Photoshop

With Photoshop, you can do much more than with Photoshop Elements. For example, you can:

apply special effects (filters) to images.

play with lighting and toning on images.

create artwork and use them in your products.

There is a downside to having a full version of Photoshop though. It’s $400 and can be confusing for most non-professionals to use. The downside to Photoshop Elements is that it is free for non-professionals, and you can use it to edit photos, create workstations, make greeting cards, or anything else you’d like. Photoshop Elements is more popular among amateur artists, software developers and hobbyists.

Adobe Photoshop vs Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop is now available in two versions: Photoshop and Photoshop Creative Cloud. The basic version is $600 and contains many tools such as an easy to use adjustment layer panel and others. This version is useful for beginners or people who are just learning how to use the software.

The next step up is Photoshop Creative Cloud, which comes with unlimited use of the software, extra features, additional tools and upgrades. The Creative Cloud version is $900 and is targeted for professionals who need to create and edit more complex images and work at high speeds, like graphic designers.

Why should I invest in Photoshop?

If you work in the tech or creative world, one of the advantages of Photoshop is that it’s a versatile software.

It’s useful for creating and editing graphics, as well as designing websites, logos, books, magazines, shirts, games, greeting cards, posters, powerpoint presentations or even macaroni pasta labels.

Sure, it’s not as easy to use Photoshop

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What’s New in the?

Effects and filters let you edit and enhance images using various filters and effects. They help you create classic VFX effects and adjustments like lighting, levels, masks and more.
Text and Typography is a feature that lets you create various fonts and styles of text. From adjusting font parameters to drawing letters or creating your own typeface.
Tiles are a fundamental tool in the toolbox for a graphics designer. They are used for variety of different purposes, including backgrounds, borders, objects, and several others.
Vectors create objects in the image that are made from basic shapes. Using vectors you can create more intricate graphics than with standard tools, and they are only limited by your imagination.
The Gradient tool allows you to create and adjust color or intensity gradients.



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