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Photoshop CS5 is free for 15 days after purchase and then costs $19.99 from then on. So, you’ve already installed Photoshop CS5 and you’re now about to start experimenting with creating artwork using this industry standard program. In the following sections, we show you how to transform images and manipulate them to create something completely unique. ## Transforming Basics When you transform an image — by cropping, resizing, or rotoscoping — you’re actually transforming the pixels that make up that image. To change the image in such a way that when you view the image it appears differently from how it’s shown here, you need to manipulate the pixels (that’s the technical word). Fortunately, Photoshop has a lot of resources for this, including its layers, brush tools, masking tools, filter effects, and cloning tools.

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This guide will show you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit, resize, crop, and convert images, create new images, edit raw images, create web graphics, create images from scratch, select photos, create gradients and more. It will also show you how to open or save files to avoid losing their quality and how to easily retouch existing photographs. The content on this page is updated every week. More: Our best Photoshop tutorials and guides 1. How to edit images using Photoshop Elements Step 1. Import your images Before we begin, you need to decide which type of image to edit. If the image you want to edit is a JPEG, you will need to convert it to the RAW format before working on it. Most RAW files are saved in the TIFF format. You can import a RAW file with Adobe Photoshop Elements by clicking on the Import button and selecting the RAW option. Step 2. Convert RAW to JPG images If you want to convert RAW images in Photoshop Elements, you need to use Adobe Camera Raw. Start by clicking on the Effects tool bar and select the Adobe Camera Raw option. Select a RAW image, then click on the Open button. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 After opening Adobe Camera Raw, you need to make sure it reads the RAW file correctly. You can make changes and adjustments to the image in the editing screen. You can edit the color and light, and add effects and filters. Depending on the RAW file, you may need to use a different Adobe Camera Raw version. After you have completed making your adjustments, you need to select the Save option on the left panel. Select a location to save the RAW file and click on Save. You can also open RAW files in Photoshop Elements. Step 3. Export images for web use If you want to edit or convert your images to a quality that can be used on the web, you can do so by selecting the Export for Web option under the Export menu. You can convert your images to JPEG and PNG formats, and save them as files with a resolution of 100%, 200%, 300%, or 400%. You can also set the image size and type. What’s the difference between resolution and print size? Resolution refers to the size of an image on paper. 1056px x 864px resolution (Somewhere around 05a79cecff

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