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Photoshop is not intended to give you a new career, and many people who use the program don’t see themselves as professional photographers. If you’re not really a pixel gazer, you may find the “Become a Photo Editor” video training series for Photoshop helpful. It offers step-by-step instructions for editing in the program. Waterhouse’s Creative Suite This suite of applications from Adobe is a cross-platform, full-featured professional editing and designing package. Each component of the suite is a separate product, so you choose the applications you want to use separately. This suite includes: Photoshop: An image-editing application. It’s the Photoshop product, and it’s designed for pros. Illustrator: A drawing-oriented application for creating images and vector graphic art, such as lines and curves. This product is included in the Creative Suite. InDesign: A web-page design application, used to set up and create web pages. After Effects: A professional-motion-graphics editing program. Dreamweaver: A web-page designing and coding application. Adobe Photoshop Elements This $59 program from Adobe is good for less experienced users who want to view, open, edit, and print photos or edit images. You can crop or edit photos, adjust the colors, and add some effects. But it’s more limited than the Photoshop program in that it can’t work with layers or modify images in other ways. If you’re a beginner, don’t try to play with layers; you’ll get in over your head before you’re done. Editing in Photoshop Understanding layers is a key to editing images successfully. Layers are an interface method that enables you to rearrange the layers of an image. Each layer has its own visual appearance, but when you apply a different effect to different layers, the entire image gets the effects of all the layers together. Working with layers Photoshop enables you to make selections on one layer and apply different effects to those selections on other layers. You can make a selection of just part of an image, such as a close-up of a face, and then add a different filter to that portion of the image. Then you can apply different effects to a second layer, making new shapes of the image over the old effects. Photoshop offers an advanced version of this editing system. For more information, check out the tutorial at

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Photoshop Editor Software Here’s how photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and even artists use Photoshop. 1. Images You probably all have a library of images, right? Probably many of them are scanned, some are using programmable logic to generate interesting effects, and other are entirely digital. The best thing to do with a library of images is to use Photoshop to edit them. As it’s a professional app, it’s fairly expensive. Elements is an affordable alternative to Photoshop, and you can find the Creative Cloud version here. Free Open Source Alternatives to Photoshop Here are some alternatives, in no particular order: Illustrator Adobe Illustrator is perhaps the most-used graphics editor for designers. It has a simple, clean interface that makes editing images a breeze. The free version comes with professional tools that will work just fine for most designers. You can use it for commercial purposes, although you’ll need an OS account and access to a Subscription Management account for the pro features. Adobe Pixelmator, which costs $99.99, is a very powerful vector graphics editing tool that comes with a free trial. The free version is limited to a single document size (750×720) and only offers basic tools. Brushes You know how Photoshop allows you to create new brushes to make your own line, circle, ellipse, etc.? If you’ve never used Photoshop, this is one of the first things you might want to do. There are two options: buy new brushes or find some free ones on the web. If you want the pro version, you can search for brushes. There are many websites where you can download brushes for free, although some you may need to download the source files to install them. If you download a sample file, you can open the layers panel and extract only the brushes layer by clicking on this icon with an eye icon: You’ll have to select the layers then select Remove All Layers… to free up the file. Alternatively, you can find free brushes on the web. Free Brushes Online resources like this one will allow you to find free brushes that you can download and import into Photoshop. You’ll find a lot of brushes here, and also some tips on how to edit them to make them look 05a79cecff

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