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* **Image editing:** This capability lets you manipulate your image and save it. You can remove unwanted elements, combine images, create color and black-and-white masks, rotate images, convert files to several different formats, and crop your image to focus on specific elements.

* **Image organization:** This feature enables you to organize images on a disk, in folders, by date, and so on.

* **Image composition:** This feature lets you arrange your images into groups. You can position one image above, below, to the left, to the right, or across the middle of another image. You can rotate and flip images, and stretch and distort them to achieve the effect you want.

* **Image adjustments:** This feature lets you adjust brightness, contrast, tint, and color balance. You can add and remove color corrections, and use levels to control shadows, highlights, and highlights, midtones, and shadows.

* **Printing:** This feature enables you to print and print on several different paper types and sizes, and use high quality settings to enhance the printing experience.

* **Spacial effects:** These features include warp, perspective, tilt-shift, lens blur, lighting effects, image to clipart, filmic effects, and many more.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to do anything with the features available in Photoshop. However, you may want to start simple by just using the basics to create a basic image that just showcases your creation. You can find many useful tutorials for beginners on the Web. One good place to start is the Web site, at .

How Can I Download Photoshop Cs6 For Free X64

Getting started with Photoshop is easy and we’ll show you how to get up and running.

Key facts about Photoshop

Who should use Photoshop Elements?

Photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and artists of all types who need to edit, create, or both, use Photoshop to edit, create, or both images.

Who should not use Photoshop Elements?

If you want to take your photographic skills to the next level or enhance your images, then Photoshop Elements is the photo editor you need.

What is Photoshop and what is Photoshop Elements?

Computer software that allows you to edit and save digital photographs.

Photoshop is the flagship software, built by Adobe, used by professionals and hobbyists alike for creating, modifying, or even both images. The professional version is available as a software download and as a subscription on a monthly basis.

Photoshop Elements is a free, light version of the same program.

Word of caution

If you’ve used Photoshop before, Photoshop Elements might seem very basic at first. It is not intended to be a replacement for the professional version. Photoshop Elements gives you a lot of the same tools you use to edit images in Elements, but with a much simpler user interface and easier photo editing.

You can still use Photoshop Elements for all your photo editing needs; it just won’t let you do all the things you can in the full-featured, professional version of the software.

Getting started with Photoshop Elements

You will need at least one copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements to get started with this tutorial. You can also download it as a free trial, which will give you access to all the features of the program.

Photoshop Elements is available in the Mac App Store for OS X or the Google Play store for Android devices. The download for Windows users is available in the Microsoft Store.

1. Create a document

You will need to create a document for your photos that will be edited in Photoshop Elements.

Select File > New to get started creating a new document.

The New Document window appears. Fill in the following information on the New Document window:

Scanned name




File size

3. Choose file types

You will need to set the file type for your image. Select File > Properties to open the file’s properties. In the dialog box

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Using the Brush Tool

You use the Brush tool in two main ways. The first is to set the brush to a specific tool or a preset tool. You can then use the Brush tool to paint directly on your image. The second way is to use the Brush tool to apply a brushstroke in a layer that is then moved into the background.

Selecting the Brush tool from the Tools panel, as shown in Figure 4-2, brings up a selection box for you to choose

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System Requirements:

In order to play, your computer must have a 64-bit CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and a 2 GB graphics card.
How to Install:
Just follow the instructions on the provided “installation” link, located in the bottom-left of the page.
Please note that, while the game requires you to have a Steam account, it does not require that you have any additional files installed.
2 different maps (also called ‘game types’)
1 game mode