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The most common and confusing Photoshop modifications include:

* Altering color and luminance. This allows you to increase or decrease the amount of color or light in an image.
* Cropping. This alters the size or shape of an image.
* Blending modes. These are groups of similar effects that emulate the way the eye and brain combine colors.
* Color correction. This allows you to change the color balance of your image.
* Transformations. This allows you to change the size, position, or rotation of objects in your image.

To change the layers, select an image layer. From there, you can add new layers, delete layers, move layers, and change their blending modes.

This chapter’s first sections will discuss the interface and basic functions of the program. It will then explain how to manage and edit layers, and how to create effects such as gradients and multiply and overlay effects. The later chapters in this book will provide more information about specific features of Photoshop as it relates to photography.

## Starting Photoshop

When you first start Photoshop, you see a splash screen that lets you know if you’re connected to a network, and that you need to update the program. Otherwise, Photoshop will automatically update the program to the latest version.

After the splash screen, the first window that will appear is the **Photoshop Setup** window (Figure 1-1). This window contains the **Preferences** tab, which provides the ability to change the way Photoshop functions. From this tab, you can adjust the type of file you open and save. You can also adjust the computer settings and begin the Photoshop setup procedure. When you open Photoshop, you will see the **Working Files** window. This is where you can see all of the documents, and folders, in your folder.

If you want to perform work in Photoshop for a specific project, you’ll select the **New Documents** tab, see the **Layers** tab, and open the image files that you want to use.

**Figure 1-1** The Photoshop Setup dialog.

How To Download Photoshop Cs6 On Mac [March-2022]

The software is available as a tool for $200 and as a cloud service. It is also available on smartphones as Photoshop Express.

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How to download and install Photoshop

The free version is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. It is open source, which means you can download the software and check out the source code. Photoshop is available for the following operating systems:


Apple macOS



Google Play

Windows CE

Windows Mobile

Windows Server

Mac OS


Apple iPad



Kindle Fire

Android Tablet

Android Wear

Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge

Samsung Note 4 or S6 edge+


The software can be downloaded from the official website using the link on the right.

Click on the Desktop icon. Enter your Adobe ID or create a new one. Tap on Install. Wait for Adobe to install the software.

On macOS or Linux, you’ll first need to download the software. The link on the right will download the software and extract the archive. Tap on the archive to open it. Click on Open. It’ll begin to install. Wait for the installation process to finish.

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After downloading the software, there is also an alternative method for the software to be installed.

On your computer, open the folder where you downloaded Photoshop Elements. Inside it, you’ll see a file called Adobe.Compiere. This file is an archive. Double-click on it to open it in a file manager. Drag and drop the file on your operating system’s desktop.

After dragging it on the desktop, double click on it to open it. Click on Open. It’ll start installing the software.

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After installation, the software will open. It will prompt you to restart your computer after it finishes installing.


If you have already downloaded Photoshop, you can install Photoshop Elements by dragging and dropping the archive onto the desktop.

On the desktop, right click on the file and click Open. It’ll begin to install.


Open the Software Update icon from Finder. Enter your Adobe ID or create a new one. Tap on Install.

On macOS, it will prompt you to restart.

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