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Note: Some Photoshop tutorials will teach you to use and modify only the Basic, Standard, or Web or Expert editions. Generally, by using one of these editions you’ll be able to start experimenting with Photoshop, but the specific features that are available will be limited compared to using the full Photoshop CS6.

Working in Photoshop: What Are the Basics?

There are two key points of focus when working in Photoshop: individual layers and the Layers Panel.

The Layers Panel

The Layers Panel (Figure 1) shows all of the layers that are currently open and editable in Photoshop. Layers are a way to organize Photoshop files, just like you organize your files in a word processor.

Figure 1. The Layers Panel showing Layers for a file.

As you can see, several layers exist in this file, and have been organized into separate layers.

As you can tell by examining the layers in the Layers Panel (Figure 2), you can access each layer and the individual controls (such as layers, paths, or paint) you’ve applied to that layer.

Figure 2. The Layers Panel showing the Layers for a file.

The Layers Panel is very important to work with as you build an image. While you can go into a file with as many layers as you need, it becomes important to organize your layers because it can be confusing to follow a series of instructions when they refer to specific layers.

Keep in mind that every layer you create is the canvas for you to work on. This includes the entire document (grouped into layers) and the individual elements that you’re drawing on the layer.

Making a Layer

As you can see in Figure 2, there are two layers currently selected. When you select a layer in the Layers Panel, the controls for the currently selected layer appear on the left side of the Layers Panel.

You can toggle a layer by clicking the plus (+) sign located in the layer’s name. For example, when you toggle the Navigator layer (which we’ll cover later), you’ll see an eye symbol show in the top left of the Layers Panel.

As you toggle through the layers in the Layers Panel, the layer-related controls appear only for the selected layer. As you’re creating an image, you’ll begin to see what the advantage of using individual layers is.

If you want to add another layer

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You do not need to be a Photoshop expert or have a significant amount of computer expertise to use Photoshop Elements. You do not even need to know English to use Photoshop Elements, since it has enough built-in help files to make choosing tools and options simple.

Installing Photoshop Elements

1. Download and run the installer. Click Next after accepting the EULA.

2. Read the introduction and select the appropriate option, depending on your purposes.

If your purpose is to edit images, check the box, if your purpose is to create images, check the checkbox.

If your purpose is to create images, check the checkbox, if your purpose is to edit images, check the checkbox.

If you do not know which to check, then open the folder that contains all the images that you plan to edit or create, look at some pictures, and select one that you will use to test the software.

If you plan to use Elements for both creating and editing images, you can use the same images for both purposes. Click Next.

3. Set the location of your disk if you want to use the pre-installed software.

4. Select a time and a day when you will install the new software. (Choose the installer when you open it and all the default options will be selected for you.)

Settings for the time and date are crucial if you want to install Photoshop Elements on different computers at the same time.

If you are installing on more than one computer, select the option, Install on all machines.

If you are installing on only one machine, you can leave the Install on all machines option unchecked and select Install now.

After you set the time and the installer opens, select Add a custom time and date, and then set the time and date for the installation.

5. After all the settings have been completed, wait for the installation to finish.

The installer will walk you through the rest of the installation process.

6. Close the installer and return to the main screen.

If you want to add any content to your computer, close Elements and open Adobe Elements.

7. Click install on the main menu.

Photoshop Elements opens and is ready to use.

You can access the tutorial and a new workspace from the Programs menu.

8. You can select any of the options in the toolbar, use the help buttons or

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