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Tip If you have more than one monitor attached to your computer, you can drag any or all of them up to get a huge Layers palette, making it easier to see which layer is active. 4. **Click the New Layer icon or double-click over the existing layer thumbnail to open the Layer palette, shown inFigure 7-8. Most of the time, you’ll see six or seven layers in the bottom of the palette; in the top right is where you’ll see the active layer (layer 1, in this example)”); Figure 7-9)**. Figure 7-8. In

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If you are looking for something lighter, we recommend that you try GIMP. It is free software and all of the functionality that is in Photoshop is also available in GIMP. In fact, we use it ourselves. The best way to learn Photoshop is to follow tutorials and read books about it. You will get the hang of it a lot faster if you are taught how to work Photoshop. How to Use Photoshop to Edit an Image The best way to get started with Photoshop is to follow a tutorial. It will show you step-by-step how to complete a specific task. Adobe Photoshop tutorials teach you how to create images in Photoshop using different tools and different aspects of the program. They usually focus on creating photographs that are awesome and awesome-looking. To find a tutorial that best fits you, try searching for “photoshop” in your favorite search engine. Use the results to find pages that contain tutorial or step-by-step instructions for your interests and your skill level. Read the tutorial and work through it as you go. Once you understand how to do something in Photoshop, you can look for more advanced tutorials that teach you how to do the same thing. Another way to learn Photoshop is by taking an online course. There are many Photoshop courses online that teach you some of the basics. You can use them to find out how to do the most common tasks in Photoshop. What are the Best Photoshop Tools for Beginners? To edit images and photos in Photoshop, you need to use tools. Every tool has its own set of editing features. Some are extremely beginner friendly. Some are at a more intermediate level. If you’re a beginner, use the tools that you don’t need to be a master of. You will use them more than you need to as you develop your skills and it will keep your workflow simpler. If you’re more advanced, use the tool you need to get that one feature working. You can always do more once you’ve mastered the basics. The most advanced tools are more intimidating to beginners. That’s okay if you want to learn, but you don’t have to learn them if you’re trying to master Photoshop. You don’t need to learn all of the tools. You just need to pick one or two tools that you need to get 05a79cecff

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Windows – Minimum: Windows® XP® SP3/Vista® SP2/7/8. macOS – Minimum: OS X® 10.10 SteamOS – Minimum: SteamOS® 0.10.6 Linux – Minimum: Ubuntu® 16.04, Debian 8.0 Android – Minimum: Android 4.4, Android 5.0, Android 6.0, Android 6.1 iOS – Minimum: iOS 11 Amazon Fire OS – Minimum: Fire OS 7