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## Chapter 13 ## Getting Started with Photoshop

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Photoshop is one of the most popular programs in use, and every day new users switch from their friends and families to the new features that the latest version of Photoshop offers. While Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating high-quality images and graphic artworks, and there are many reasons why you would use Photoshop to edit images and make design elements (such as icons and illustrations), other software tools may be better for different tasks, such as quick edits on photos or creating video files. This guide provides an introduction to Photoshop for people who want to learn how to edit photos and create new designs. We’ll cover most of the common tasks a graphic designer needs to perform with Photoshop, and we’ll also compare and explain the differences between Photoshop and other programs. We’ll finish by looking at some of the best photo editing apps and photo editors for Mac and Windows, and choose the best one for you. Before you begin Before you open Photoshop, make sure you have the following: Permissions to save files If you’re a regular user of Photoshop, you’ll have to grant other people permission to use your computer’s web server. If you are using an operating system such as macOS or Windows that doesn’t have user account permissions built in, you’ll need to create a user account with access to the web server. A monitor, computer and internet connection to use Photoshop Using Photoshop requires a monitor, computer and internet connection. Photoshop will store your work locally, but it will not work without access to the internet. You can access your files on the web server without an internet connection, but you won’t be able to save any changes you make until you have connected to the internet again. Basic knowledge of macOS (OS X) or Windows Basic knowledge of how to use Photoshop Basic knowledge of graphic design While we’ll be using Photoshop in this guide, you can take the basics you learned from Photoshop in general and apply them to any other photo editing programs, so you may want to start looking at other editors before you attempt this tutorial. We’ll talk more about Photoshop alternatives in section 13. A selection of photo editing software. The best ones we recommend are Photoshop, Lightroom, and Snapseed. We’ll be using Photoshop in this guide, but this list includes apps that Photoshop is intended to use. We list a few before we get into the nuts and bolts. Before you start, open Photoshop 05a79cecff

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