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Photoshop is in a class by itself, but it is certainly not the only image-editing software available today. With everything from video editing to importing assets, there’s simply too much for one person to do in one program. The following are some of the different editing tools that you should know about. Paint.NET Paint.NET is designed with beginners in mind and it makes sense. You only need a single program to do practically everything. Whether you’re editing photos, creating art or designing logos, you can use Paint.NET to do it all with its new design-oriented user interface. If you work with layers, you can use it to do all the editing you need to do in your photos in one program. The program includes Photoshop-like features, such as layer support and transparency, and you can use many of the application’s available tools to create things like patterns, gradients, vector shapes, paint brushes and stencils. Paint.NET is free for both home use and professional use. If you can use a layer-based image editing program, this is it. It’s free, easy-to-use and looks great, and you can do a lot with it. Media Creator 4 Media Creator 4 is an editing tool that’s free to use. It’s designed to assist with video editing, but it can be used to make a variety of different edits and features. You can create layer effects, apply adjustment layers, and play the editing features available in the program in a standalone setting, or export as standard.avi files. The application is free to use with an optional $19.99/year subscription and can be used on both Mac and Windows. ImageMagick ImageMagick is an open source and free image editing program. It features the ability to operate in some Photoshop-like ways and can use many of Photoshop’s features, including layers, gradients, color corrections, animations, animations and many other things. It can also do a variety of image manipulation tasks including applying special effects to images, modifying colors and adjusting images. Because of its free nature, ImageMagick is perfect for a new user wanting to get started. GIMP GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a graphic editing tool that offers many of the features you’d expect from Photoshop. You’ll be able to create layers, apply adjustment

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Perhaps we should start by saying that Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool, and one that can be used for a number of purposes. The one purpose that many people are unfamiliar with is that there are many parts to it. When you open Photoshop, you have a menu bar at the top of the screen. In this menu bar is the File menu. In the File menu, you can edit, remove, or create a new image. You can also open a new document or edit a previously open document. There are many other things in the File menu. You can select a new image format; import images from a scanner, camera, or other source; manipulate image data, including converting, editing, deleting, and cropping; and create a new slide show or add a new slide show. You can also split, join, and merge multiple images into a single image file. The New menu lists the following functions: • Cropping • Color • Layers • Adjustments • Drawing • 3-D • 3-D Tools • Workflow • Other Cropping This feature allows you to crop images. Cropping is when you select a specific portion of an image that will be shown. The crop window can appear around the image or a part of the image, depending on the settings of the image. This is useful for crop art for example. Color This menu lists the following functions: • Color Adjustments • Color Curves • Color Matching • Colorize • Desaturate • Eyedropper • Levels • Master Color • Rescale • Replace Color • Saturation • Tint • Vibrance • Wrinkle Repair • White Balance • Greyscale Adjustments • Histogram • Channel Mixer • Gamma • Recoloration • Information • LUTs • Shadow/Highlight • Tonal Adjustments • Variations • Action • GamutWrap • Invert • Quick Adjustments • Smart Objects • Smart Filters • Photomerge • Shadows/Highlights • Whitepoints • Zoom • 05a79cecff

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 2.5GHz or better. Recommended: Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 2.6GHz or better. Please make sure that you have latest DirectX installed, and if using Windows 10, you have updated your driver and installed the latest version. Please download the latest version of the game before installation. Please be sure to have at least 1GB of