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Creating an image in Photoshop makes files large and hard to manage. You should convert an image into a different format before using Photoshop to edit it. After you finish editing, you should return the image to the original format, so it can be included in your digital workflow. As you read through this chapter, you can spot the majority of Photoshop’s features and toolbars by their icon, as shown in Figure 2-1. Although you can spend years in Photoshop, actually mastering the art of manipulating images, you can always refer to this easy-to-find toolbox of icons. The Bridge The first icon to appear in this toolbar is the Bridge, shown in Figure 2-1. This is the area where you can choose what images are loaded into Photoshop. If you’re using a Photoshop Elements file, you see the default files listed in the area. (See Chapter 3 for more about the differences in the two programs.) The interface of the Bridge is similar to the one in the Elements program. Click a thumbnail or scroll to display more thumbnails to choose a file. Click a thumbnail to load it into Photoshop. **Figure 2-1:** The interface of Photoshop. Toolbar icons You can see the Photoshop interface from two viewpoints: as a grid of icons or as a smooth window. The icons you see in the following figure are arranged by category and functionality. Use the View menu to change the appearance of the interface from a grid (shown in Figure 2-2) to a more traditional window-style interface. **Figure 2-2:** Use the View menu to change the way the interface looks and to navigate between thumbnails. Creating a new file The New button makes it possible to add a new file or image. If you’re working in the Photoshop Elements template, you see four options — Desktop, Albums, iCloud, and OneDrive — depending on the type of file you have selected in the Bridge. To add a new file in Photoshop, click New to open the Open dialog. Click the option to add the file. You can also press the Add button or Ctrl+N. To add a preset image, choose Image⇒Image. Photoshop Elements saves your preset images in the Presets subfolder within the person’s folder. You can place the preset image on a new blank layer, in the layer’s Clipping Mask, or on an adjustment layer. The preset uses one of the default

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This post covers basic tasks in Photoshop Elements, ranging from cropping and editing to creating new drawings and images. In this guide you will learn to: Rotate, crop and straighten an image Invert an image Remove red-eye from an image Create shapes, freehand Drawing Emoji creator Sketch easily Save an image Apply basic filters How to use Photoshop Elements to edit and manipulate images Basic operations: Click the Basic Tools button (see image below). Use the tools in the Toolbox to manipulate and edit a photo or type a text. How to resize an image: Click the image, then click the Resize tool. Click and drag to resize the image. The image may become smaller or larger when resizing. You can also reorder buttons by holding Ctrl+right click or Ctrl+left click. How to crop an image: Click the Crop tool (see image below). Click and drag to crop the image. The resized image can be seen on the bottom of the screen. Crop to the border of the image. You can crop more precisely by clicking the grid squares, left/right clicking. How to straighten and crop an image: Click the Straighten tool (see image below). Left click and drag over the image to make adjustments to its perspective. Select the check box in the top right corner of the tool to automatically straighten multiple photos. How to rotate an image: Click the Rotate tool (see image below). Click and drag to rotate the image. You can adjust the angle by left/right clicking on the corners of the image. How to invert an image: Click the Edit > Invert menu item (see image below). The image becomes darker and loses details but can be turned back to its original state by selecting this option. How to remove red eye from an image: Click the Eye Dropper tool (see image below). Click a red-eye to remove it. You can also select the photo and press Ctrl+F8 to remove the red-eye. How to remove blemishes and red eyes from an image: Click the Spot Healing 05a79cecff

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Ask HN: Am I being a jerk by asking for permission to use someone’s work? – jacknews I'm in the early stages of developing an app. I am currently looking for someone I can ask for help on how to implement a specific feature on the app.I've come across the following situation a few times. Someone would have an idea how to make an app do something. I know they've already built a prototype of this. I would like to give the person an idea how I can add that feature to the prototype, instead of just copy and pasting the prototype.The problem is I don't want to be a jerk and come across that I'm just looking for a little free time to copy/paste someone else's work and not give the person any credit at all.This is something I've gotten a "gentle nudge" on several times and I've probably received a dozen no thanks responses. I can understand if someone is being paid by the hour to do this work. But I'm currently just helping myself out of some free time.How do I ask for permission to use someone's work without being a jerk? Am I just being a jerk? Is it not cool to ask someone for help? ====== karmakaze If it’s written down you’re clear you’re not stealing or doing something illegal then just be upfront about it with the person and say, “Hey, I’m having trouble implementing a feature on your app. Could you take a few minutes to explain how to add this feature?” How you ask depends on how they respond. Chances are they’ll be flattered and know you want to contribute to their project. If they react in a “no, I’ve never thought of doing this” or “I’m already doing it” then you’re lost–if they can’t show you or point you to the necessary parts then there’s no way to improve your solution. ~~~ jacknews Thanks for the quick reply. I was indeed unsure if I was just being a jerk by asking for help. I guess on this

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Rescue of a Deltagamma-Ca2+ binding mutant by cinnamycin and inhibition of proMMP-9 activation by cinnamycin. Mitogenic signaling through the T-cell receptor-CD3 complex involves assembly of a complex comprising a zeta-associated protein (ZAP70), ZAP-70 tyrosine kinase, protein tyrosine kinase (PTK), and phospholipase C-gamma 1 (PLCgamma 1). One of the immediate effects of T-cell receptor stimulation is a substantial increase in the concentration of cytosolic free Ca2+. Subsequent to activation, production of the proenzyme forms of tissue factor and tissue factor pathway inhibitor by endothelial cells is increased by factors released from platelets that promote activation of the cells. A mutant of ZAP70, ZAP70-Tyr154 (T154), showed increased constitutive activity compared to wild-type ZAP70 in the presence of a Ca2+ buffer. Cinnamycin, an antibiotic, decreased the activation of ZAP70-Tyr154 in a concentration-dependent manner. Cinnamycin also prevented ZAP70-Tyr154 activation by T-cell receptor stimulation at concentrations that did not affect wild-type ZAP70 activity. This demonstrated that cinnamycin, like other tetracyclines, had a Ca2+-dependent inhibitory effect on protein kinase C activation. In contrast to ZAP70-Tyr154, PTK had no Ca2+-dependent inhibitory activity. Studies to elucidate the mechanism by which cinnamycin inhibited ZAP70-Tyr154 activity, indicated that cinnamycin did not bind to ZAP70-Tyr154 directly. The ability of cinnamycin to suppress ZAP70-Tyr154 activity in T cells indicates that tetracyclines may provide a novel class of therapeutic agents.Results of hypofractionated stereotactic boost radiotherapy in 509 patients with localized prostate cancer. Despite the marked reduction in late rectal toxicity seen after the introduction of high-dose-rate brachytherapy, data on its efficacy are limited. The aim of this study was to evaluate the long-term efficacy and toxicity of such a boost dose delivered to the prostate in a single fraction in 509 patients with localized prostate cancer treated between May 1995 and July 2001. The prescribed dose was 6 Gy in 3 fractions

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