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So for the compilation I am doing I am setting a MAVEN_OPTS variable that sets the JAVA_OPTS variable as the properties file is considered when running the compile command. With this the compile command looks like: mvn install com.apache.maven.plugins:maven-jar-plugin:3.0.2:jar -DskipTests -Dclasses=com.company.custom.config,com.company.custom.other,etc,etc:jar -Dassembly=G:\CustomAssembly.jar -DpomFile=G:\CustomJar.pom -DgeneratePom=true -Dstructure=all -Dresource=G:\Config\resources -DmainClass=com.company.custom.MyClass -Dmaven.ext.class.path=G:\CustomJar.jar:G:\CustomAssembly.jar: G:\Maven3-5.1.0-bin.zip\bootstrap.jar: G:\Maven3-5.1.0-bin.zip\m2-components.jar: G:\Maven3-5.1.0-bin.zip\m2-core.jar: G:\Maven3-5.1.0-bin.zip\m2-failsafe.jar Now I thought that the properties file would prevent this kind of weird behaviour. But when I run the build, I end up with the same kind of error. Note: com.company.custom.config is a custom configuration class that is compiled and stored in G:\CustomJar.jar. If I don’t compile this class in the build process the error doesn’t occur (I have to compile this class manually). A: I believe you’re getting confused with the -Dmaven.ext.class.path parameter. If you’re using maven-jar-plugin’s own assembly section, that is handled by the assembly plugin. So I would recommend removing the parameter from that. Accuracy and maintenance of accuracy of oral sensor measurements in a simulated real-life environment. The aim of the present study was to investigate the accuracy and the ability of the oral sensor to maintain an accuracy of oral

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