chrome and red icons is a beautifully crafted collection of icons that offers you some high quality replacements for the default application icons. Since all the items come in PNG format you’ll be able to use them with your dock.







Chrome And Red Icons Crack License Key

*Features :
* Powerful features to import and export with absolute ease
* Well documented plugin
* Also supports reverse geocoding for the google api

Mate Dock

from $1.10

Mate Dock is a dock replacement that is built for macs. It is the second project by Mattias Nyrén after docksnap. It is a relatively easy dock replacement since it uses the mac’s own menu for adding menus and items. It is named after the the popular energy drink marketed by cola companies.
Mate Dock Description:
*Speed: In our tests, dock updates are quite fast.
*Consistency: Other docks do not work in


Status Bar is a dock replacement that replaces the status bar with the ability to customize its icons and status messages. The dock menu also has an option to show a status bar icon.
Status Bar Description:
*Plastic design with custom images
*Scalable (can use the same icon for different resolution)
*Option to show status bar icon
*Scale and position



from $7.02

Simdock is a dock replacement for macs. It is the first dock replacement that offers you the ability to customize the dock icon background as well as the dock menu. Dock items can be moved around, cleaned up or set up as favorites.
Simdock Description:
*Dock item background can be set to whatever you want. You can also

Nifty Dock

from $1.79

Nifty Dock is a dock replacement with custom icons and customizable aspects of the dock. Features include support for the ability to drag and drop as well as the ability to add and remove favorites and change the look of the dock menu and icons.
Nifty Dock Description:
*Customizable icons for quick icons.
*Added the ability to add and

Speed Dock

from $3.08

Speed Dock is a dock replacement that uses the Mac’s menu bar for adding menus and options. Speed Dock is designed for the end-user and easy to use. It is divided into two sections: a dock menu and a fullscreen dock. Both parts provide you with basic and advanced features including customizing the look and feel of the dock. Speed Dock


Dock Styler

from $4.

Chrome And Red Icons Crack [March-2022]

80 icons from 20 different wallpapers.
Chrome window (crashed and red icon).
Google Chrome icon (red icon in active).
Indicator and homescreen icon.
Android Apps.


Captain America —
Mobile/Games… MCU friends! It is time for you to become the captain of the mighty Captain America! You will fight with the Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Spiderman. Take the most powerful battlship of Marvel Universe to catch and defeat the evil Blackheart. Defeat the enemies and captain it, don’t wait for the round to end. Remember! The Marvel Universe is your playground!…


Tip Hero —
Mobile/Social Networking… Tip Hero is an iPhone application that enables you to share tips via text message and email.
The program gives an iPhone to a tip giver. We all have a need to be remembered sometimes. In fact, even a free tip will remind you that someone cares, because at least you’ll know you are not alone. Using Tip Hero, a person can send a free tip to the number…


North Korean Armies —
Mobile/Reference… North Korean Armies brings you easy access to information about the various armies of North Korea. From the various locations in North Korea, you can learn about the strength of the North Korean military and gain an advantage over future enemies. All of this information comes in a series of easy-to-read maps and graphs.
North Korean Armies offers:
– Monthly updates…


Crazy Truck –
Mobile/Games… Crazy Truck
Crazy Truck is the game you can play against millions of users and ranked friends!
Crazy Truck is an arcade racer with a twist.
Speed up like a jet, turn like a pro and learn crazy stunts!
Challenge your friends to become the best truck driver and compete for the prize of the cup.
Crazy Truck is free, safe and fun!
Race with friends and players from all around the world.


HumanRightsWatch —
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Human Rights Watch is building a world where humans are able to live in dignity and freedom and every human is treated

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What’s New In?

A professional set of detailed icons to replace the default Google Chrome and Red icons. The icons in this set are in 128×128 pixels. These icons are royalty free and therefore you can use them for both personal and commercial purposes. Created by shablarsoft, it provides you a set of 47 beautifully crafted icons.
Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

2 ratings and 1 review

Saved my day!

2 ratings and 1 review

by guru123 on May 31, 2012

This is a nice collection of icons to quickly use as replacements to the standard icons for Chrome and Red. I found a few minor issues in the download but no biggie. Quality of the work for the price was a nice surprise.


5 ratings and 1 review

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Show Only Helpful Reviews


More than a year ago

I found this icon set quite good. It offers you 47 truly professional icons in a very short period of time. I like that it’s a high quality icon set.

I took a short while to examine it carefully and found it is worthy of all five stars. I expected quality as there are dozens of icons in here for a low price. That’s not the case here. It’s not just a few icons in here. It’s a small number of high quality icons for a great price. I’m truly impressed.

All items in this product are royalty free, so there’s no problem using it commercially or personally.


More than a year ago


More than a year ago


More than a year ago


More than a year ago


More than a year ago


More than a year ago

I used this set for a quick test of 53 icons for iOS. I liked this set and it was reasonably priced.

It has nice colors and a good design, but it would be nice to see more controls in this set, like the size of the icons.

All items in this product are royalty free, so there’s no problem using it commercially or personally.. T.C. Memo. 1995-592.
In our case, whether petitioner’s
pension annuities were a “portion
of her total payment”

System Requirements For Chrome And Red Icons:

* All CPUs supported by MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 and SSE4;
* All CPUs supported by the Hyper-Threading Technology;
* All CPUs supported by SSE4A, AVX, AVX2 and AVX512;
* At least 2 GHz per core;
* At least 2 GB of RAM.
* The game uses connection to the Internet.
* Two players can join simultaneously, as well as up to 8 players at a time.