Considering the wide diversity of mobile devices that exist now, is hard not to find a suitable image to set it as your favorite wallpaper on the home or lock screen. However, most phones come with a default size, which makes it difficult to look for fitting pictures. Pick the proper phone and make beautiful covers As a simple solution to these issues, companies and individuals developed different types of programs, to help create wallpapers for each device. Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is one of the many apps out there that comes bundled with basic features, to offer fast and uncomplicated means to design such items. As the title suggests, it provides support only for Apple mobile phones, like iPhone 2,3, 4, iPod Touch and iPad. It's wrapped in a self-explanatory and user-friendly layout divided into two distinct tabs, one, with all the offered functions, while the other, is the output previewer. On the upper part of the panel, you can find the home, wallpaper mode, downloads, library, and settings options. Since the tool is ad-supported, it's recommended to pay attention where you click, as it displays advertisements while running. Select the desired output path and view the library Files can be added using only the file browser, as it doesn't have implemented the drag-and-drop method. It supports several image formats, such as GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG and WMF. You have the option to zoom in and out, to properly fit the square into the desired area. Unfortunately, the movement speed is slow and inaccurate, making the user, to become frustrated. If the image is too small, you can choose a background fill, along with the ability to stretch or preserve the original size. From the same window, it's possible to choose the device model, resolution, and select the destination folder. Plus, you can view the pictures stored on your computer, remove unwanted files from memory, as well as download new items, and minimize it to the systray. To sum it up The bottom line is that Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is a useful and intuitive program that comes in handy for Apple owners to easily create wallpapers for various devices. During our testing, the app executed tasks at a good speed and didn't encounter issues.


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Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is a simple tool that allows you to create a variety of iPhone wallpapers using your images. Although the app supports any device running iOS and Mac OS X. The good thing about this software is that it supports high resolutions up to 2048×2048. This is a nice tool that can easily be downloaded and used anytime you need to create the right design for any iPhone device. Key Features: Create and apply iPhone wallpapers Manage wallpapers in the Library Helpful Tips: Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is a nice tool that’s able to create high quality iPhone wallpapers. The application doesn’t have any limitations and it’s very easy to use, without any technical knowledge required. Although the app’s interface can sometimes be a little difficult to find, if you have a small memory card. Following the famous details, it has more than one-hundred-forty-five million active users in all around the world. It has the capability to take two seconds to upload an image of any size. Users have the ability to customize the settings, thus, making it possible to change the size, position, and background color. To create and manage wallpapers, simply drag and drop images into the device’s root directory, as well as pick the desired device model, display resolution, and select the output path. With the original resolution, you’ll be able to apply it to any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or even Apple Watch. More importantly, all the files that you upload can be downloaded for later use, which is a great option if you’re using an 8GB- and 16GB-size memory card. In the advanced mode, you can control the aspect ratio, remove unwanted files from memory, zoom in and zoom out, and even export items to a folder on your PC. You can create as many pictures as you need and place them as you like. To apply them, simply pick the required device and choose one of four themes: No theme, Black, white, and clear. As expected, the app, released by an individual named Dave, doesn’t seem to have any complicated functionality. However, the app can be useful for iPhone users that want to create the right design for their iDevices. Hey Guys! I am producing my first Maxx Mobile app. With all this new stuff going on, I thought I’d give this a shot! People here on this forum know a lot of great information about this stuff.

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Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is a small and light app, that bundles with a few basic functions to promote designing iPhone related items, such as wallpapers, banner or lock screens. It works in the same way as its counterpart, as it provides access to everything offered by the app, as well as allows to drag and drop files to create wallpapers. The only hitch is that it lacks a help/help section, making the app to be hard to understand for beginners. Pros: Quickly access to all the tools All the features executed in a user friendly manner Cons: No help support available Missing library Conclusion: Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is a worthy investment for iPhone users and managers who are eager to create wallpapers for their mobile devices. What’s yours? Have you ever used the app? If so, how did you find it? What’s your favorite picture that you have set on your iPhone device? Let me know. The first wallpapers designed for an iPhone. The Wallpapers designed for an iPhone are ready to be applied to the whole screen with a simple drag & drop. These beautiful wallpapers will dazzle your friends and loved ones. Just scroll through the new and stunning (and free) wallpapers for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. DataUsage.MobiWallpaper is, quite simply, the ultimate free app to help you utilize the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad’s custom wallpaper settings (in iOS 4, 5, and 6) to maximize the screen real estate. It’ll also make you want to wipe the screen with your hand and re-use it for the next few days. When I used the custom picture I chose (see below) on my new iPhone 5, I found myself being able to see all of the items that were on the screen just a moment before! (I am usually a big proponent of the iOS7 smart wallpaper feature, but in practice, it doesn’t get the job done for more than about two days in my case). The best part about this little utility is that it’s free. Not only that, but you can earn more by sharing it with friends, family and acquaintances. You can even share a link on social media networks and earn more. (You have to do a video review for $1.99 though. You don’t actually have to do a review to earn more, but it’s the best way to convert people into paying customers, in b7e8fdf5c8

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Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is a handy and easy-to-use program to create, design and download for your mobile device wallpapers. With the help of Wallpaperio iPhone Maker you can create and download your first custom wallpapers for any Apple iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPhone 4G iPod Touch iPad. Create your own beautiful app skins, new tab bars and toolbars with the help of the free Wallpaperio iPhone Maker, designed for iPhone Users. Thanks to a small custom tool, you can easily download your new custom wallpapers for your iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 3G and other cell phones and tablets and even create your own custom for the iPad. Features: Customize your device with quality custom design, add icons, transparent backgrounds, Panels, toolbars, and other visual customization. Create and download any desktop background, skin, wallpaper from images, photos, and videos which you have saved in your computer or camera roll. Add multiple, bright, clean and cool wallpapers. Set desktop background, iPad, cell phones and tablets, iPod touch and other devices. Create Beautiful and stunning Windows and Mac backgrounds. Save all images you’ve created into one big folder. Save and Share all your Wallpapers. Set your own desktop wallpaper and apply to the home screen of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone 3g and other devices. Create beautiful, clean, clear and desktop backgrounds for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Automatic update of your apps. Add your own image, photo or video wallpapers. Easy to use interface and very simple to use. Instruction and FAQ: 1. How to install and use? Download the latest version of the software, install and run it. Then, it will appear in the application menu. Then click on the Wallpaperio iPhone Maker icon. You will see the Home screen. 2. Can I download more than one wallpaper at once? Yes. You can download any number of images. 3. Can I install more than one app at once? Sure. 4. How can I remove the application? Click the application in the menu, there is a long press on home, you can close the application. 5. How can I change the order of icons on my home screen? – Select and drag

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——————————— Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is a user-friendly app that helps you to create beautiful wallpapers for your mobile device, so that your home screen or lock screen will be a great eye-catcher. The best wallpaper maker for iOS iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and iPad. It is a simple, useful and quick tool that easily creates beautiful, easy to install wallpapers for your device without requiring you to be a computer guru. Wallpaperio allows you to choose from a variety of options to make your photos or wallpaper background fit in the square area you want to set. This app will help you create a great fitting and stunning background on your iPad or iPhone. At we have a variety of high quality screens, icons, themes, wallpapers, productivity apps and widgets. Our selection of wallpapers includes lots of photoshopped wallpapers, backgrounds, images and more to choose from. Wallpaperio iPhone Maker is the best tool in the category of wallpaper maker for iOS. is achieved by an increase in the concentration of the fixed charge. On the other hand, the electrostatic capacity of the floating gate increases when the gate insulation film is made thinner to reduce the current necessary for erase. However, the increase in the gate insulation film thickness causes the decrease in the charge injection efficiency, and the short circuit between the floating gate and the erase drain during erasing increases. The example of the erase method utilizing the tunneling current will be explained in the following. An insulating layer composed of a stack of SiO.sub.2 layer and Si.sub.3 N.sub.4 layer is formed between the floating gate and the substrate surface. This insulating layer is about 6 nm thick. Since the capacitance of this insulating layer is about 100 to 1,000 times as large as that of the tunnel insulation film, a large electric field is generated between the floating gate and the substrate at erasing. When the electric field exceeds the Fowler-Nordheim tunneling current, electrons are tunneled from the floating gate to the substrate. The energy of the electrons is absorbed by the substrate to raise the substrate potential. Since the absorption by the substrate decreases the potential of the floating gate, it is necessary to apply the negative voltage to the substrate while turning off the control gate so as to cancel the substrate potential. As a result, the Fowler-Nordheim tunneling current flows not only between the floating gate and the drain but also between the floating

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Mac, Linux, and Windows computers. Minimum specifications: OS: OSX 10.11 or Ubuntu 16.04+ CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz (2.5 GHz) Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT DirectX Version: 9.0 or later Storage: 12 GB available space Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT Sound Card