The result is a more realistic on-field movement and more responsive and reactive ball, providing players with more opportunities to score goals. New behaviours also make defenders more believable in their positioning. An entirely new agent system has been developed which reduces animations needed to create new players, allowing for faster and more fluid gameplay. Artificial intelligence (AI) has also been upgraded, with more intelligent player and crowd animations. Enhanced ball physics and playmaker’s ability to deflect the ball have also been improved, improving player creativity and leading to more goals. Open World Games New environments allow players to not only own the pitch but also create their own version of it. In the new game, different crowd tunes and chants can be created. This allows teams to be constructed, upgraded and expanded to create your own unique matchday experience. The new Autosave feature allows players to start a game in an environment and return to it at any time. As they progress through the game, saved games can be accessed and used to quickly complete challenges. There is also more in-game help for players, with improved tutorials and more direct calls to the right people to help in game. Massive Improvements on Player and Ball Physics New physics technology was developed to produce more realistic player movements, meaning the ball will react more realistically to players and the game more naturally to improve gameplay. The new physics engine allows a player to be unbalanced, making them sharper and having the whole ball affect the player, rather than the other way around. This is essential to make players more reactive to their environment and give the ball more control. To achieve these effects, players’ movements are captured and measured using motion capture, making it easier for player models to respond in the same way as their real-life counterparts, producing a more authentic and natural gameplay experience. New AI Behaviour New AI improvements allow for more intelligent and unpredictable players. Intelligent players have a better understanding of the game’s rules, defending from a higher position to prevent shots and reducing the threat of open play crosses. Intelligent crowd AI allows for more realistic interactions with the football, making the game feel more like a real matchday experience. The New Road To Glory Experience Get ready for a new way of playing the game. Create your own version of street football by playing exclusively on pitch-based goals. With your own personal stadium, you can make it your own by inventing your own goals, changing pitch dimensions, wall materials


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Play Fifa 22 for the first time with friends and family on new online competition and co-op modes.
  • Capture the atmosphere in the new Stadium Creator in FIFA 22.
  • Virtual Pro improve your personality and attributes to unlock your high-quality boots, clothing and equipment.
  • Squad Building simulate academy football. Play a 5v5 on 6 pitches in several styles and scenarios.
  • Your heart is beating faster as you sprint around the pitch. Introducing the brand new Active Restraint System with more realistic collisions and players better reacting to them, impacting your play and the game experience.
  • Presentation – with an enhanced gloss art style and new Watchcare camera system, the graphics of Fifa 22 compare favourably to that of the latest FIFA 17.
  • Intuitive Player Interactions – control new game changes with magnetic free kicks, use player habits and stat tracking, share ideas for tactics with your friends, and play the result over a heart rate monitor.
  • Pass the Ball – new controls, new ball physics – help you progress and become the player you really are. Gameplay was influenced by 10+ years of Frostbite Engine animation, physics, and gameplay research.
  • Get On the Ball – Put the ball under your control with innovative new gameplay features that are easy to learn and easy to master.


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The world’s most popular football video game, FIFA is more than just a game. It’s the FIFA World Cup, one of the world’s biggest sporting events, and a genre-defining franchise featuring more than 100 official club teams from around the world. The game seamlessly combines authentic team and player movements, gameplay innovations, and more than 30 official leagues from around the world. And with more than 30 official leagues and a complete line-up of teams, the game is easy to pick up and play, as well as satisfying to master, offering all of the control that makes the sport of football so enjoyable. Game Features Authentic and immersive match day experience. Play the game you love with your friends and feel the passion in authentic stadiums around the world. Exclusive new features and innovations powered by Football. Powered by Football delivers revolutionary innovations and easy-to-master gameplay across all modes, from the free-kick to the penalty shoot-out. Updated rosters and authentic new player likenesses. Featuring updated rosters, new player likenesses and signature traits of the most-read, live-data-driven player models, FIFA has never been more lifelike. Powered by football. FIFA is the most authentic football game on the planet, and yet FIFA remains an easy game to pick up and play. That’s thanks to technical breakthroughs and player models that aim to make the game as lifelike as possible. From the new “Powered by Football” improvements, designed to make the gameplay more intuitive and reactive, to the LASIK-inspired eye scans of our new Player models, FIFA has never felt more realistic. Of course, we’re not stopping there. FIFA is about so much more than tech – it’s the game that’s been voted the World’s Best Sports Game by ESPN and the game that has received the FIFA Platinum Award. FIFA’s awards are real – its official fans award from more than 6 million votes in its 8 years of FIFA titles. FIFA, the best football video game. No results found. Please try again. ✓ Breathtaking Spectacular Experiences FIFA is all about the game. It’s about stunning matchday spectacles, jaw-dropping skill and cunning bc9d6d6daa


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Become a manager or a player with Ultimate Team, a mode that allows you to build your dream team from more than 700 of the world’s top players, or choose one of the more than 600 real-world players available in the game. Use FIFA Ultimate Team to compete against other players in one-of-a-kind team battles, in real-world or fantasy settings, to assemble the best team possible for creating the ultimate dream squad. Ultimate Team FUT Champions – Compete against the best players in the world as you lead your club to the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and FIFA Club World Cup. Play to your heart’s content with more than 300 real-world and fantasy players to choose from – including over 150 players not featured in FIFA 19. FUT Champions also brings together the thrill of Dream Team, FUT Draft and FUT Tricks modes in one game. Whether you’re playing on your own or competing online, you’ll have a chance to put your tactical nous and football skill to the ultimate test. Dream Team Draft FIFA Tricks COACHES Clive Allen – The England manager knows what it’s like to win at the highest level and bring out the best in his players. He can help you manage your team, improve your skills, take you to that next level, or give you the competitive edge you need to become the best in the world. Brian Eastick – As a midfielder, Brian Eastick could play for any club in the world. Now he’s managed to make it to the top of the manager ranks. Whether he’s coaching your team or facing you in FIFA 22, Brian Eastick will ensure you are in the best possible position to succeed. Juanma Llorente – When Juanma joined Valencia in 2010, he quickly impressed with his calm and confident play, with a ability to track back and press the opposition with force. Now in charge of his first club, he’ll help you manage the tempo of your team and bring out your best qualities. Aleksandar Kolarov – One of Inter Milan’s most versatile players, Aleksandar Kolarov has made more than 300 appearances for the club during his illustrious career. He can help you grow your tactics, skills, and attributes, and guide your Inter team to victory. Mark Hughes – Mark Hughes had


What’s new:

  • Presented on a new, more modern 24-inch UHD display
  • The most authentic goalkeeper controls in the series
  • New all-new FUT Draft Champions Selection System
  • New visual elements and sounds
  • New training routines, lighting & color effects and sounds
  • Coach challenges


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The official videogame of football and the best-selling videogame franchise of all time. FIFA is the fastest, most realistic simulation of football available on any platform. Combined with EA SPORTS Football physics, it builds the standard by which all football videogames are judged. FIFA is available on every leading videogame console, all leading personal computers and every mobile phone. FIFA tournaments, the transfer market and manager mode have all become even more authentic and engaging with real-life behaviour in real-life match situations. FIFA Soccer continues its long tradition of innovation on every platform. New in FIFA 22, we’ve introduced near-video-realistic controls, advanced new coaching modes, brand new Ways to Win, 64-team tournaments, extra dribbling power for more dribbling mastery and more. Winner of more than 100 Game of the Year awards, FIFA is a universal standard of excellence for console football. FIFA is all in. Features • Take a Peek Under The Hood – FIFA 22’s new AI engine features a host of new advances like AI speed adjustments, increased pitch control, near-video-realistic animation and more. • More Dribbling, More Mastery – On the pitch, dribbling has never been easier. Improvements to passing are authentic to the game and allow for better control of even the most technical of players. • New Ways to Win – FIFA 22 introduces brand new Ways to Win that put players’ decisions to the test. The tricky Balance of Power, the exciting Conclusion, the intense Tiebreaker and the unforgettable Elimination all put a new, unique spin on the traditional knockout system, offering a deeper challenge. • Player Behaviour and Commentary – Everything we’ve learned from our FIFA community on FIFA 18 returns with improved Player Behaviour. We’ve also given players the opportunity to deliver their own unique commentary for a variety of gameplay moments. • FIFA Ultimate Team FUT Legends – Looking for a different twist on collectible card gaming with FIFA Ultimate Team? For the first time, fans can build the ultimate team of football superstars using real-world players! • New Motivational Moments – As always, players’ personal stories continue to shine in FIFA 22. Each of the game’s 43 captains now has their own story as told by a member of the FIFA community. In addition, a brand


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