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“carousel in my history is up and down the width of the screen, i am not sure if this is a default.
1st you “restarted” it with a cron job, but then you found that “it” was killing the mysql server (which it’s not supposed to and by the way it shouldn’t do anything that could harm your the mysql instance) and you did stop it manually.
This leads me to believe you have a very poorly written cron job.
You may want to take a look at for either example how to write a cronjob in c# or php (both are great languages) and you can do the conversion for.


Reply #12 – 28/02/2013

Sorry, it is your mysql server that should not be killed by any cron jobs you are doing. After stopping the job, you did not check if the data was backed up or not. On my server you would use the mysqladmin shutdown command.

Keep the two lines together and remove the spaces, then save.



Reply #13 – 28/02/2013

I found that the speed of the connection was too slow, so I killed the https server from the client. and then increased the size of the files. It seems to be working.


Reply #14 – 28/02/2013

Thank you very much for the advice.
I have now removed the cron job and checked that backups are performed regularly.


Reply #15 – 28/02/2013

I keep the synchronisation running in my System Panel, is reporting the server disk space is at 200Gb. I changed the password but when I try to log in with that password the login screen returns to itself with a message that the account has already been. I don’t know what else I can do.


Reply #16 – 28/02/2013

You may be able to use the mysqladmin account

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