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I’m lost, please help A: $url = “”: Ask HN: iPad App store review by nameless user? – ttunguz While I appreciate the idea of the Ask HN “How do you handle…” feature, I couldn’t help but think about its effectiveness when the feature is used to solicit opinions on a new service offering that will be available on the iPad:- Does a user even know to ask a question, let alone what to ask?- Do the people reviewing the app have anything invested in the app and app store in general?- Will a simple comment suffice to express a negative opinion?- Any other thoughts? ====== Empact I’m a nameless user too. I have to say that on my experience the message is plenty clear and could be posted if the person is not ready to post a name. My experience with the App Store is that most people are perfectly capable of following the instructions and generally comment well. I would feel that the process is super useful for people who are willing to put in some work. ~~~ ttunguz I disagree. I have to say, over the last two years as my app has been published in the App Store, I have learnt to read through a lot of users’ comments and learn what they like and dislike about the app. What’s more, I have gained a greater appreciation for the App Store through discussions and comments here on HN. This is very different from the message of the ask HN. ~~~ Empact It’s not a yes or no, but then again it’s generally not a problem to post a comment if the person is not ready. —— zeromegas In my experience there is a fair bit of ‘disillusionment’ associated with Apple’s App Store, even though it is very successful and many people are happy with it. This despite the fact that it is, in the main, entirely a convenience. I think it can be down to a couple of issues: 1\. People are not aware of it 2\. People feel entitled to a free product, in which case they feel the ‘product’ should be free, as they’ve

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I am sure the error lies with the search and I would really appreciate a little help. A: The problem you mentioned is caused by the in the url. The.load() function is used to “read” parts of the response from the server. If you provide a complete url instead of just part, the browser will download the complete file instead of loading it. ( Put everything in a string and the code should work. Or remove the linebreaks. Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is a technology that enables multiple channels of data to be transported in a single optical fiber. Typically, an individual channel is achieved by a device called an optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM). An OADM is a device that allows one or more wavelengths of data to be coupled from a single fiber to one or more selected fibers. For example, a four-wavelength WDM system, which has been deployed by commercially and publicly available services, includes a primary optical fiber coupled to four OADMs. Each OADM has one port coupled to the primary optical fiber, and four (4) ports that are coupled to respective fibers. As a result, four wavelengths of data can be coupled from the fiber to the four respective OADMs and then from each of the four OADMs to the respective fibers. An optical fiber coupled to an OADM of this type is called a drop fiber. A fiber coupled to an OADM that is not selected is called a bypass fiber. Using this technology, the same primary fiber can be used to carry multiple channels of data. Data may then be transmitted to or from users connected to the drop fiber. This arrangement provides the advantage of reducing the amount of fiber required to connect a given number of users to the network. A typical OADM includes four arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs). Two of the AWGs are used to extract different wavelengths, while the other two AWGs are used to add wavelengths. By inserting or dropping wavelengths of data onto or from the primary fiber, the user can gain access to or from the network. A typical AWG includes two slab waveguides and two arrayed waveguides. In a typical first slab waveguide, a slab waveguide (second) with a lower refractive index is juxtaposed with a slab waveguide (first) with

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